Anfibio Multibag Footrest 40 l

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Anfibio Multibag Footrest 40 l

Multibag used as an adjustable footrest to shorten the inside length of the boat, giving you more control over the packraft while also stowing luggage inside. The valve and a special roll top closure provide an effective seal and adjustment of the air pressure.

Our Anfibio Multibag can serve as an individually adjustable footrest just fine. To do so, simply roll up the fastener a little further than usual. Effective lengths between 10 cm and 30 cm are possible. This shortens the internal length of the packraft accordingly.

Use and construction

The Multibag footrest is simply placed into the front section of the packrafts or attached to existing or retrofittable tie downs. The feet rest on the Multibag, which provides a more comfortable paddle position due to the counterpressure and the wider contact surface. In white water, a footrest provides more control over the boat, as the knees are more bent and the thigh straps have a better fit.

The special roll top closure with a transparent film at the upper end of the Multibag footrest keeps it reliably tight when rolled up. If the TPU film is slightly moistened on the inside before the roll top is closed, it will provide an additional seal. The valve at the bottom of the Multibag can be used to regulate the air pressure of the footrest.

The possibility to store luggage dry and safe remains of course. A few items such as spare clothes or shoes can be stowed inside.


All Multibag footrests contain an additional fastening buckle at the lower end (20 mm ladder lock, see picture in black). We apologise for any differences in other pictures (in blue). 

  • Empty: 83 x 45 cm 
  • Length used as footrest (adjustable): 10-30 cm
  • Width (inflated): 31 cm
  • Height (inflated): 21 cm
Weight: 230 g

Material: made 210den TPU laminated nylon; TPU film (top closure)

Capacity: maximum 40 l (as footrest accordingly less)

Colour: black

Construction: heat welded seams, roll top closure, twistlock valve