Anfibio Packrafting Sail (by WindPaddle)

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Anfibio Packrafting Sail (by WindPaddle)

Lightweight, collapsible and self-launching sails to speed up your packraft! From 340g and 37cm pack size.

Packsailing - this is the new way of applying your packraft. The sails take the possibilities of packrafting to a new level. Imagine to travel with the wind on a pocket size sail. It is easy to plan new types of trips with that.

The sail utilizes the wind power as an effective way of propulsion. That means you are not just dragged down the wind, but you can max out to a fair 50 degree of side wind. So you will actually follow an angle, not just back/tail wind, says Joni P. ( one of the pioneers in packsailing from Finland.

Packrafts will capture bigger lakes and bays by that. Speed is no longer bound to run along moving water.


Uncoil the batten and connect clips on the mounting harness to the front grap loops of your packraft or directly your backpack attached. A continuous sheet (or steering line) allows the paddler to easily control the sail while keeping the paddle in their hands for bracing and steering.


It’s the batten that makes the difference, and without the batten, the sail is just an un-supported rag. The quality in the sail perimeter batten is so high that we offer a lifetime warranty on the sail. In the end it is the batten that is the critical part of the sail, it can bend around a small 360 degree mandrel.

Seams are also glued and triple zig-zag sewn, sail makers construction method proven over the years.

There is also a large window in the center panel of the sail for visibility, made from tough TPU. The design puts the center of force of the sail down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy-to-use.


The Packrafting Sail we carry is a cooperation with Windpaddle, the manufacturer of these famous collapsible sails.

There is Standard version (Small - Scout) for lighter weight, a Balanced one (Large - Adventure) and a real big one (XL - Cruiser) for high Performance:

“A loaded packraft starts moving already in around 2 m/s, quickly reaching a normal paddling speed of 3-4 km/h, but things get interesting once the wind speed exceeds 6 m/s and you start moving faster and get a lot more power, allowing maneuvers and tricks, like jibes and slalom turns, and get to surf on the bigger waves with the help of the sail (a great feeling!). Agile and nimble, you can play close to each other, bump to each other, use the other's backwash for tricks, and so on. Unlimited fun!“ Joni P./

See review and video tab for further inspiration!

Pictures courtesy of Marko E. Takanen (Twitter @mtakanen)

Packsail away by Joni P.

Pack-Sail-Rafting by Hendrik M.

Packsailing routes back to the origin of packrafting!

Packsailing by Joeryby Joery!

"I have managed to sail the entire Belgian coastline in one single day. Sailing the entire 67km in a packraft? It’s done before you realize it!"