Float (5 pieces)

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Float (5 pieces)

Ultralight buoyancy device for securing non-floating equipment such as an action camera, knife, key or nose clip. The 1.5 g light and flexible disk is your "gear-PFD".

Your equipment might be water resistant but it can still get in danger, since most pieces of gear cannot float.

If the key falls out of the bag into the water it quickly sinks and is therefore probably lost. The same might happen to your action camera which easily slips out of the hand into the water when filming and takes the holiday pictures with it on their memory card into the depth at the same time. 

Prevention is important here! It is recommended to secure important objects against sinking in advance by a small float.

The simple floats do not disturb, neither on land nor on water due to their flexible material and the low weight of 1.5 g per float. With the hole in the middle of the foam disk there are numerous fastening possibilities by cords, carabiners, straps or the like. This can be connected with which the GPS, camera, key, nose clip or swimming goggles and so on.
Depending on the weight of the equipment it may be necessary to attach several floats. Before using the float in deep waters it should be tested whether the number of floats provides sufficient buoyancy and whether the secured object really isn't able to sink.
Included in the delivery is a set of 5 float pads (without carabiner etc.), which you can use to secure two to five objects, depending on its weight and size.

Material: foamed plastic

Diameter: 9,5 cm
Height: 1 cm
Hole diameter: 1 cm
Colour: grey