Floating Fish Net (by WindPaddle)

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Floating Fish Net (by WindPaddle)

Floating/Landing/Holding Fish Net. Quick release, easy to store and light weight to take along. The net attaches to the side of your boat so it’s not going anywhere.

Fishing and packrafting has ever been been a popular combination. Here are the right accessories. The Fish net functions as a landing net, catch and release holding basin, or even a bait net. This fishing net is light, collapsible and self floating. 

Easy to take along on your trip and stored on the boat for a quick release! Since a packraft is rather small, you benefit greatly from holing and landing your catch next to boat. Of course the net also works with any other kind of small watercraft such as kayaks and canoes (see the videos).

The net attaches to the side of your boat so it’s not going anywhere.

No worries about your prize catch jumping out. Directly beneath the floating frame is a 23cm deep solid black curtain. This curtain just below the water’s surface drives the fish deep down into the bottom  of the net, that reaches down 60cm below the surface.

Fish stay in the net while paddling, even towed with fish while running Class II/III rapids!

Size: Big 73,5cm opening

Size: coiled/stowed, 28cm

Weight: 320g

Color: black