GP Inflatable Floor Mat

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GP Inflatable Floor Mat

Inflatable insertable floor mat with integrated seat to increase cushioning, buoyancy and insulation. Fits all boats from 120cm inside length and 32cm inside width.

Construction and compatibility 

The floor mat has an integrated seat, i.e. it is inserted as an alternative to the seat of the boat. Basically, it is a very long seat, which fills the interior more or less, depending on the boat model. It fits all Packrafts with an inner length of 120cm and more and an inner width of 32cm. In long and wide boats it is of course less effective, but still suitable. 

The baffles are lengthwise in the seat area and crosswise in the foot area, which makes it a little more flexible there.

Features and use

The GP floor mat gives the packraft the following features and advantages:

  • more insulation as protection against cold water
  • padding as protection against ground contact (especially at the feet)
  • additional buoyancy body or a separate chamber for extra safety 

Dimensions (when inflated): 138 x 42 x 10 (or 15 cm seat area) cm

Anfibio Nano SL and RTC, Anfibio Alpha XC, Anfibio Delta MX, Anfibio Rebel 2K
MRS Microraft, MRS Alligator 2S (Pro)
Nortik Trekraft, Kokopellis Rogue
GP Flow, GP Classic, GP Cargo

Packing size: 30 x 10 cm

Construction: combination of longitudinal and transverse baffles with integrated seat

Material: 210den Nylon with TPU coating on one side inside

Weight: 640 g

Colour: black