MRS Thigh Straps 4P

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MRS Thigh Straps 4P

Ergonomically cut and fully adjustable 2x4 thigh straps to be mounted in the boat as thigh and shoulder straps. For all packrafts.

The ergonomically cut 2x4-point thigh straps enclose the knee from two sides to provide excellent support. The straps are fully adjustable by four ladders (included) and also removable.

Thigh straps are primarily meant for effective control in the boat (by bracing and edging), up to the point of rolling it. However, they also are a good shoulder padding for carrying a partly packed boat. It transforms a packraft into a backpack itself. Being a kayaker by origin you will hardly quest the use of thigh straps.

Being a beginner however, one should not overestimate its function. Packrafts in general are primarily designed for use without them. We recommend to start that way. Up to medium grades of white water there is no limitation for sure. Please note, a packraft generally has a thight fit!

Indications you may want thigh straps are: playboating (riding waves and holes), white water higher than grad III, top heavy loads in whitewater higher than class II.


Unless the boat is prepared in this respect (like the Alligator 2S Pro) 4 special tie downs ( contains strap Loops extra strong) must be selcted in the menu. 

Glue is to be selected for self construction (recommended for individual positions). Otherwise, the service can booked in the workshop section

Download manual.

Material: Polyester

Weight: 365g

Manual: download