RodRig fishing rod mount

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RodRig fishing rod mount

If you use your packraft for fishing, trolling especially, the RodRig rod holder from Norway might come handy.

Packrafting goes Fishing!

It has always been popular to combine packrafting with fishing, since you easily reach that secret spot! However, it has also been difficult to store your fishing gear, since a packraft is rather small and needs to be steered actively.

With the RodRig for Packrafts, it is possible to mount your fishing rods in a proper way to your inflatable raft. It is simply mounted using the four existing strap loops on the front. The air pressure in the boat keeps the rod holder in place, avoiding any kind of tools or straps to keep it secured. You can mount RodRig with one or two rod holders, and there is plenty of space to strap the rucksack or a bag between the rods so you can keep fishing also carrying your gear along.

The RodRig fishing rod mount is fine crafted of awesome materials (full carbon rod holder with one duraluminium bar. It offers the smallest possible packsize (32x350mm) and outstanding weight (250g). Easy to take along on the next trip. The construction is simple, but effective and sturdy.

The RodRig rod holder allows hands free trolling and regular fishing. It fits almost any packraft. Please choose according to distance between outside grab loops:

M (width=75cm)


Weigth 250 g

Packsize 32x350mm

Inner tube diameter 30 mm

Material: made of Carbon and Aluminium