Strap Loop (extra strong)

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Strap Loop (extra strong)

Extra strong grab loops to be glued on the boat oneself. They make additional attachment points.

Strap Loops are extra strong and tearproof compared to the standard Grap Loop. They are consructed of two layers with reinforced stitching. The Strap Loop is to use with upto 25mm wide straps.

Extra tie downs are additional attachment points for personal preferences and specific needs. They need to be glued to the boat oneself.

The ideal glue is also available in our Store. You can find a tutorial how to glue at (please use the Google translation, see top right) Properly glued, attachment points have a strength of up to 175kg.

Packrafts have a standard of 4-9 Grab loops depending on the model. That is sufficient to carry a boat and have luggage secured. It can be handy to have additional attachments to clip small things such as waterproof cameras, bottles and strap long objects (skis, fishing rod etc.) Some boater also built full rail rigs and floor anchors.

However, don't "decorate" the boat. The simpler the boat, the better a packraft!

Material: PU coated nylon, Codura webbing

Diameter: 7,5 cm

Weight: 5 g 

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PU-glue and hardener (HELAPLAST+ Elastosal RFE)

PU-glue and hardener (HELAPLAST+ Elastosal RFE)

Shipping only available for designated counties! The ideal glue to add tiedowns, other attachments (like fin mounts) to a packraft and for other glueing jobs (major repairs). Special contact glue for permanent bondings. Needs heat to be processed, not for use in the field.

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