Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior

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Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior
Inflatable vest for children, which combines comfort, buoyancy function, good packability and low weight for amphibious activities. The child should be able to swim and be under adult supervision. Only buoyancy comfort, no personal protective equipment (PPE).

The Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior is more than just a small version of our popular adult inflatable Anfibio Buoy Boy vest. Equipped with additional features, it offers a great plus in comfort with the same travel-friendly packability and minimal weight. 
Features and contruction
As with the Anfibio Buoy Boy for adults, the children's version is also equipped with two separate air chambers, each with a non-return valve and closing caps. The robust zipper has an additional securing loop to prevent accidental opening (locking zipper).

In addition, the Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior has the following child specific, reassuring characteristics:
  • freely movable collar to support the head in supine position
  • fully inflated minimum buoyancy of 40N (equivalent to 100N for an adult)
  • easy to see hand loop on the back
  • front and rear reflectors
  • double crotch strap, adjustable shoulder straps
The back is made of mesh material, which binds very little water and dries quickly. It also harmonizes well with any backrest. There are also two convenient mesh pockets on the front for toys or snacks.

The children's vest is available in yellow and blue, which stand out well in a natural environment. 

In addition, various adjustment options are available so that the vest can grow with the child to a certain extent. The shoulder straps shorten the back part of the vest to the appropriate back length. The waist belt allows the vest to be adjusted to the child's hip circumference. The two-part, adjustable crotch strap ensures a firm hold on the body without restricting wearing comfort.

The position of the air chambers at the chest and neck makes your child swim comfortably either normal or on their back. The chamber arrangement enhances a back position when laying in the water and supports the upright position of the head. 
Due to the good fit and the overall short cut of the vest, the child retains a high degree of freedom of movement when paddling and swimming.

Characteristic, use and purpose

As a flotation device it provides buoyancy support and comfort for swimming. Pack size and low weight are just as high a priority as buoyancy and comfort.

Typical applications are ventures that require such characteristics, especially combined land-water tours or the use of corresponding products (backpacking boats or packrafts), but also other activities on and in water.

Use the Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior with children who can swim and only under the supervision of an adult who can swim and has received appropriate training.


The Anfibio Buoy Boy Junior is available in two sizes (S and M). The fit of the inflatable vest should not be too large or too small. To select the appropriate size, first take the hip or chest circumference as a guide (without exceeding the maximum carrying capacity): 

Size S.: Hip or chest circumference up to 55cm (up to max. 30kg body weight)
Size M.: Hip or chest circumference above 55cm up to 70cm (up to max. 45kg body weight)

Please make sure that the size of the vest  fits the child and that the maximum body weight is not exceeded. Size M, for example, often fits children under 30kg very well too.
Due to an individual’s possible variation in inflation levels, the Buoy Boy Junior’s buoyancy can vary, thus eludes from any standardization or definite declaration. In extreme cases, the user may simply forget to inflate. Responsibility for proper inflation and correct fit remains with the supervising adult. 

Special reference is made to the operating instructions supplied. The vest does not provide guaranteed protection against drowning. It is not considered a certified buoyancy aid or life jacket in the sense of an EU Directive-compliant personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Material:  210den TPU laminated nylon (air chambers); sandwich mesh back

Sizes:  up to 55cm (Size S), up to 70cm (Size M) Waist/Chest

Buoyancy: 40N / up to 30kg load (Size S), 55N / up to 45 kg load (Size M)

Colors: blue, yellow

Certification: ISO 9001 (Quality assurance system for manufacturing), NO ISO/EN/USCG norm as buoyancy aid (personal flotation device), NO approval as life jacket /personal protective equipment (due to its manual inflation). Flotation aid only.


  • freely moveable collar
  • zipper with securing loop
  • non-return valves
  • two separate, floatation optimized air chambers 
  • individual adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt, double crotch strap
  • easy to see hand loop on the back
  • front and rear reflectors
  • mesh pockets

Weight: 320g (S), 380g (M)

Design: Anfibio Packrafting Gear

Manufacturing: Made in China by ISO 9001 (Quality assurance system for manufacturing)