Customer service

Packrafting is easy. In fact, simplicity is its central concept. However, equipment choice and subsequent maintenance require a bit more thought. Customer service therefore starts before and goes beyond the purchase. This is where the Anfibio Packrafting Team is there for you. Our experts in the team will also be happy to help you with very specific questions. 

For a first overview as well as for more general questions, it is also worth taking a look at our info pages (s. a. category: INFO) and of course the detailed product descriptions.

Our customer service includes: 

ADVICE: individual recommendation
TESTS: viewing, trying and renting
WORKSHOP: repair and modifications
SPECIAL ORDERS: custom made and desires
RETURNS: warranty, returns and exchange
SPECIAL DELIVERY: outside the European Union 


Individual advice

Questions to ask and answer yourself include topics such as: Should it be a single, double or a combination? What body size, person weight and luggage load must the packraft tolerate? What weight of the boat can I tolerate myself? Is there a need for a spraydeck? Which area of use is planned (trekking/biking/public transport/car, whitewater/flatwater/sailing, etc.).

Specific questions about the products are best to discuss in person. Packrafting means different things to different people. Model, size and configuration as well as accessories are all critical and depend on your planned use. For anything beyond the general product descriptions as well as questions following the topics above can be addressed here. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise.

Viewing and tests

With a regular order, you have the opportunity to view our products at home in a dry environment (e.g. living room). After receiving the order you have a 14-day right of return.

As another trial option, you have the possibility to rent selected models from us or our partners (shipping by mail) for use on your desired waters. A weekend rate will be deducted from any future boat purchase within 12 months.

We are also happy to organise product viewings or tests at our locations in Leipzig or Dresden. Please contact us for an appointment. 

Repair and modifications

Damage to your packraft rarely means costly repairs. Usually you can repair any damages yourself. In our blog we have compiled the most important tips and tricks for you (any translation tool works fine).

Repairs that you cannot or do not want to do yourself or those that are covered under warranty, we offer as a service in our workshop. Also, desired modifications or extensions can be discussed in this context. In general, packrafts are simple boats and are best when kept that way. 

Special orders and desires

We carefully select our assortment and try to represent as comprehensive a range as possible. If you miss individual products or certain configurations (colour / size / add ons) in our selection, please ask for delivery times. Possibly these products are incoming or can be obtained as part of a special order / custom-made (8-10 weeks).

Warranty, returns and exchange

Returns within the scope of warranty claims, the right of withdrawal or as a gesture of goodwill are straightforward. For returns of no reason (right of withdrawal), the product must only be in unused condition (like new). In the case of any return, we ask for prior contact for the purpose of address and processing.

Delivery outside the European Union

We ship worldwide. Deliveries outside the EU, including Switzerland, Norway, the UK and intercontinental, are eligible at net prices (automatic deduction of German VAT). Please consider the respective import regulations and customs charges at your end. 

You may also want to receive the packraft directly at the destination (vacation home, camp site, post camp) or you are already on a larger trip. You can specify the different delivery address directly in the order.


"If you are in Europe, I cannot recommend [Anfibio] Packrafting Store highly enough. Their customer service is stellar and they have been active in furthering the sport of packrafting in Europe by bringing available but also developing entirely new affordable packrafting gear." - Kalle

"I have to say a big thank you for your thorough respond to me questions. I am very happy to meet a salesman who knows his job and gives the right attention to his customers. My respect and admiration." - Konstantinos

"I found out about you online, reviews suggest that you're the best packrafting store for EU customers, and so far I have found your service to be very prompt and helpful, and your website and descriptions of the products are very helpful." - Cecilia