Yak High Back 60

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Yak High Back 60

Solid life jacket with high-cut back, which matches well with the backrest in packrafts! Reasonable weight, good ventilation, high tear strength and fully adjustable. For touring and easy whitewater!

Life jacket from solid foam material with high-cut back, which matches perfectly well with the backrest and spray skirts in packrafts and other boats!
Due to the highly positioned foam on the back (pure mesh in the lumbar region), it is possible to use the life jacket in boats with a high backrest (typically packrafts) without restricting the sitting position.
The breathable construction of mesh fabric inside (see photo) ensures good air circulation during warm days. In addition, the shape of the foam adapts to the body what ensures a comfortable wearing.
Although originally designed for touring, the tear-resistant Codura fabric, the generous buoyancy and a strong cushion allows the use in mild white water! However, it has no impact protection on the back part due to the design. 
For a solid vest, the Yak Highback 60 also has a reasonable weight of 580g (M). Fully adjustable to ensure a good body fit, what it makes a good alternative for packrafting on moving water!
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Twin waist adjustment
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Extra-large front pockets
  • High back buoyancy for increased comfort when using a seat
  • Breathable mesh lower back and internal lining for better air flow
  • Reflective highlights

Material: 500den Codura

SizeM, L

Colour: red, blue

Buoyancy:  60N

Certification:  ISO 12402

Weight: 580g (Medium), verified


  • Packrafting!
  • Easy white water, touring

Author:  Robertjan K. on 06/05/2019
Evaluation:  4 of 5 Stars!

When pack size is not important, this is my go-to vest. I can perfectly fit it to my body, and with the zipped pockets I can still have my phone at hand for taking pictures. Pack size isnt even that much bigger than the Secumar Vivo that I also have, but weight wise this one is around double the weight. I guess that for taking one along with you, the Buoy Boy is the best option.

I also like that it doesnt get in the way for paddling. The higher back indeed seems to work well. I guess the only improvement would be better attachment points for the packraft when pulling it while Im walking ashore, but perhaps I should get myself a better system for that anyway. After all I dont do this very often, so I guess a little inconvenience in that regard is ok.

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