Packrafting: A UK Manual

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Packrafting: A UK Manual

A handbook which introduces the reader to essential knowledge about packrafting. Packed full of colour photos - including step by step photos of techniques developed from our extensive training course syllabi and manuals. Written by Jason Taylor, also known from 'Tirio'.

Only available in English!

The packraft is a tool for adventure, journeying and exploring. Being able to switch seamlessly between hiking over land and paddling over water and using public transport opens up a whole new way of adventuring. Whether you want to 'park and play' or go on multi-day adventures, their light weight and packability make packrafts easy to transport and store.

This book introduces the reader to a range of knowledge and techniques required to safely, and effectively, undertake appropriate adventures in a packraft. It will not only benefit the novice but also enlighten the established paddler as to the nuances of packrafting.

About the author: Jason Taylor
​From climbing to canoeing; mountains to the sea, Jason has been immersed in the outdoors his whole life. His early passion for climbing, outdoor adventure and travel has never left him and it continues to drive his life, his love of travel and his career choices to this day. A keen and experienced Open Canoe Leader and Packrafter, he's usually to be found on the water. To promote their love of the outdoors, family adventure, and in particular, packrafting in the UK, Jason and his family established ‘Tirio’ in 2016. Jason holds various coaching and leadership qualifications in mountaineering, rescue and paddlesport as well as post-graduate awards in management, he has a Master’s Degree in Elite Performance and is currently undertaking a research PhD at the University of Edinburgh. During his infrequent spare time, he enjoys reading, planning and undertaking packrafting and hiking expeditions, especially those that ‘rediscover’ and ‘reinvent’ routes and adventures around our beautiful islands. With his very own book, he shares his knowledge with everyone interested.

We have a long relationship with Jason and Tirio and we are happy his fleet contains a significant number of our boats. Jason adopted Anfibio early on and invented some unique uses. We like their style, true pack and raft. We share a few common outings such as the Packraft Meetup in Snowdonia/Wales/UK 2019. Now the new book offers all the gained knowledge and experiences. Highly recommended reading.

Title: Packrafting: A UK Manual

Author: Jason Taylor

Publisher: Pesda Press

Pages: 264

Type: Paperback

Weight: 570g

Dimension: 170 x 240 mm

Publishing date: October 2023

Edition: 1st, Nov 2023

ISBN 10: 1906095914

ISBN 13: 9781906095918

Illustrations: colour photos and diagrams

Language: English