Anfibio Omega C2

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Anfibio Omega C2
Now also in Silverlake Blue! The Anfibio Omega C2 is the ultralight long-distance packraft for two or one paddler. Both on lakes and rivers the Omega C2 is in its element. It impresses with excellent directional stability, high speed and ample space for paddlers and luggage.

The Anfibio Omega C2 is a fully-fledged two-man canoe, but can also be paddled as a single. Due to its good handling characteristics, it is not only suitable for river trips, but also for still waters such as lakes and canals, while it is also very lightweight with just about 2kg per person. Depending on type of application and personal preference it can be used with both canoe paddle or kayak paddle.  The Flexi-Seat-System always allows the right seating position. The name "C2" is based on the two-man canoe boat class of the competition discipline in canoeing.
The excellent straight running, which is already due to its length, can even be improved by using of one or two fins (one fin included in delivery). The mounts for these are already pre-mounted at the bow and the stern. The Anfibio Omega C2 is supplied with an extra large nylon inflation bag to fill the large air volume more quickly.
Typical applications
  • long distances on lakes, canals, rivers
  • coastal areas
  • tours with a lot of luggage
  • classic packrafting tours for two (combined tours on land and water)
  • Traveling with children
  • paddling with dogs
  • Geocaching (multi-caches, T5)
  • Fishing with a lot of equipment
  • Dinghy when sailing
  • Use with sail
Luggage transport
The Omega C2 offers enough space on the stern and the bow and four fixing points on each side to transport luggage. If the seats are fixed in the upper position there is also additional storage space under the seats. There are 12 lashing points in the interior for load securing.
Flexi-Seat System
The Flexi-Seat system allows the various seat positions to be adjusted almost freely. It consists of two inflatable seats with special side brackets and two optional backrests.
The two seats can be placed almost freely on the upper tabs as well as on the lower level. The backrests are fixed to the upper tabs if the lower seating position is to be used.
Seating positions
Use as a two-seater with seating position on top (recommended)
If the Anfibio Omega C2 is to be paddled by two people then the upper seating position is recommended. The advantages are obvious: a steep angle of the paddle gives efficient propulsion. You have a good overview and getting on and off the boat is much easier. Thanks to the upright and high seating position you are particularly back-friendly and relaxed, even without a backrest. For this configuration we recommend paddling canoe style. However, it can also be paddled well in kayak style.
Use as a two-seater with low seat position
In stronger winds or waves, the Anfibio Omega C2 is best paddled in the low seating position. This lowers the center of gravity and reduces susceptibility to wind. The separately available backrests can be fixed anywhere on the upper seat bracket and allows a very relaxed sitting position for both paddlers. This position is most comfortable when paddling with kayak paddle.
Use as a single with top or low seat position
When paddling alone in the Anfibio Omega C2, you also have the flexibility to choose between top and low in the middle seating position. The advantages of the upper seating position also apply to the use as a single: you get additional storage space under the seat, have a better overview, can adopt a back-friendly seating position and have an easier entry and exit. If you switch more often between double and single in the top position, there is no need to change the seats, if you simply turn the boat 180 degrees. The front seat then corresponds to the optimal middle seating position in the single.
Floor mat
An additional inflatable floor mat (Anfibio MultiMat) is available as an option. It stiffens the floor and the entire hull, insulates against cold and wet and increases the seating position. The mat is also advantageous for a kneeling sitting position.
Material and processing
The Anfibio Omega C2 is made of special fabric (210/420 den urethane nylon), which has high tear and abrasion resistance despite its light weight. In particular, the smooth and shiny surface of the coating is very resistant to scratches. All seams on the boat are welded, the tube seams are additionally stitched. Ther are no glued joints at all. This saves weight, costs and protects the environment! We grant an extended 3-year warranty on material and workmanship!
In the (unlikely) event of damage we recommend LifePatch or Patch'n Go Tape. This allows repairs in the field within a few minutes. Small perforations can also be treated with small amounts of Aquasure.

Carbon footprint
All Anfibio Packrafts produced since 2018 have been carbon offset through selected climate protection projects. Learn more.

Social standards
Anfibio pays attention to safe and fair working conditions during the production. How we check social standards during manufacturing, we describe here.
Scope of delivery
  • two seats
  • two optional backrests
  • two packing straps
  • one fin/skeg (2nd fin optional)
  • extra large inflation bag
  • Handpump
  • repair material (tube and bottom material)
  • manual
  • tubes: 210 den urethane nylon (single-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
  • Floor: 420 den urethane nylon (double-sided, multiple coating and surface finish)
  • Seats: 210 den nylon laminated
Symmetrical hull, voluminous bow, voluminous stern, flat bottom, 8 fixing points outside (4 front, 4 back), 12 fixing points inside (6 right, 6 left), main one way valve, loop strap attachment for seats and backrests, two mounts for fins/skegs (bow and stern)
Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams
  • Boat without equipment: 3370 g
  • Boat complete with two seats: 4070 g
  • Seats: 2 x 350 g
  • Backrest(s) (optional): 190 g
  • Packing strap: 25 g
  • Inflation bag: 140 g
  • Repair material: 20 g
  • Length: 225 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Length: 375 cm
  • Width: 99 cm
Waterline: 355 cm
Tube diameter: 33 cm
Packing size: about 35x25 cm
Buoyancy: 280 kg
Speed: 7 kph
Colors: green, yellow

Carbon footprint
CO2 emissions: 114,50 kg, calculation details according to reference model Rebel 2K
CO2 compensation: completely climate-neutral compensation, see offset certificate