Anfibio Retrofit Set - seat system for Sigma TX and Delta MX (Block seat + Comfort Backband)

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Anfibio Retrofit Set - seat system for Sigma TX and Delta MX (Block seat + Comfort Backband)

Retrofit kit consisting of seat, backrest and attachment points, especially for the Anfibio Sigma TX and Delta MX and other boats for retrofitting or upgrading.The freely positionable block seat and the adjustable backrest allow a variable, central seating position for better handling characteristics.


Freely positionable block seat and adjustable Anfibio Comfort Backband with attachment points as a seat system in the Anfibio Sigma TX, Delta MX and others. 

On the current Anfibio Sigma TX (and TXL) this seat system is included as standard, including built-in attachment points. The kit can be used for older Sigma TX models for retrofitting. For theAnfibio Delta TX it is an upgrade. The additional attachment points must be glued to the boat.

To bring the water position and handling characteristics closer to those of a conventional kayak, the seat system can be easily and variably moved forward. It can be individually adapted to paddlers of different sizes. In addition, there is storage space behind the seat for paddlers with extra cargo.

Contains: Anfibio Comfort BackBand, Anfibio Block Seat, 2 x Fittings with Ladder Bar, 2 x Strap Plate, Helaplast Adhesive (optional).

You can find a tutorial how to glue at (please use the Google translation, see top right)

Scope of delivery: Anfibio Comfort BackBand, block seat, 2 x fitting with ladder bar, 2 x strap plate, Helaplast adhesive (optional).

Compatibility: Fits Anfibio Sigma TX, MX and other models of comparable internal length

Material: Tear-resistant Oxford fabric nylon, PU coated on one side

Weight: 400 g

Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 15 cm

Construction: Baffle