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GP Flow

Kayak-like packraft for white water use and more. The GP Flow is narrower than a conventional packraft, more robust and has a new type of stern construction. The slim shape with moderate rocker has a good "flow". The optional floor mat provides additional stiffening.

Get into the flow!
The kayak-like stern shape, a very narrow tubes of 25 cm diameter and only a small rocker - this just 'flows'. The boat accelerates well, steers over the hip and achieves a high top speed. Even the eskimo roll is easy for experts!

Ambitious packrafters will feel at home with it in difficult white water (IV/V), but it is also fast on calm water. The boat can inspire, but is not for beginners or universal use. In terms of weight, it also plays in the upper league.

The large hatch, a long seat and an adjustable backstrap allow for a more centered or variable seating position for paddlers of different sizes. The fit, the interior length and a wider footspace are also designed with this in mind. Very small paddlers can additionally use an inflatable footrest or extra storage space (also behind the back).

Optional floor mat
As an alternative to the seat, there is an insertable floor mat with integrated seat. This fills the  length of the interior. More insulation, buoyancy and cushioning meet the demands of a kayak-like packraft further.

Other features
The Packraft has two carrying handles and 8 loops to attach luggage, e.g. a DeckPack. In addition it has an integrated mount for a removable fin, which increases the directional stability and thus increases the efficiency of paddling.

The ergonomic thigh straps provide a proper connection to the boat. This makes the boat easy to edge and steer. In case of a capsize, you can also get out easily. The straps are removable of course.

To inflate the boat, the supplied nylon bag (inflation bag) is used, just like with other models. The residual pressure is done by mouth, which is basically sufficient. When using a hand pump watch out for overpressure (e.g. in the sun).

In the (unlikely) event of damage we recommend the Anfibio LifePatch. This allows repairs in the field within a few minutes. Small perforations can also be sealed with small amounts of Aquasure.

About GP General Packraft
GP General Packraft is an independent and registered packraft brand, which is manufactured in Asia. GP stands for solid and classic Packrafts with generally good characteristics regarding material, construction and processing. Before being included in our range the product quality was checked and tested. The data given are all verified by us. Our validation is marked directly on the boat (type designation, label/brand). GP in known for a variety of (re)brands under different names across Europe. The warranty period is three years.

A sporty, extra robust whitewater packraft in a special shape, where the border to a kayak is blurred and which is simply casual. The 'flow' will be literally by your side.


Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Block seat
  • Back band
  • Coaming
  • Spray skirt
  • Thigh straps
  • Repair fabric (spare tube and floor material)
  • Skeg (optional)
  • Inflatable floor with integrated seat (optional)


  • Tubes: 420-denier Nylon fabric with single side TPU-coating (4,2 mil), weathering resistant
  • Floor: 840-denier Nylon fabric with double side TPU-coating (7 mil), weathering resistant
  • Seat/ skirt: 210-denier weaved Nylon with single side TPU-coating (2,8 mil), weathering resistant


parallel sided hull tubes, light rocker with pointy bow, elongated and profiled (baffled) stern, 2 carry handles on bow and stern, 8 grab loops, main non-return valve, 6 mounts for thigh straps and backband, mount for fin/skeg


Sewn seams and thermowelded tubes, glued floor with thermowelded tapes, thermowelded spray deck

Boat without equipment: 3380 g
Seat: 315 g
Back rest: 100 g
Spray skirt: 370 g
Coaming: 245 g
Boat complete: 4410 g

Inflatable floor with seat: 740 g
Thigh straps: 145 g
Pack strap: 25 g
Inflation bag: 140 g
Repair kit: 20 g



  •  Length: 130 cm
  •  Width: 435 cm


  • Length: 265 cm
  • Width: 85 cm
Tube diameter: 25 cm
Waterline: 240 cm
Coaming size: 50 x 78 cm

Packing size: about 40 x 30 cm

Speed: 5 km/h

Buoyancy: 140 kg

Available colors: red-yellow