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Anfibio Rebel Duo (+)

As the name implies, the Rebel Duo is the two-person version of the popular Rebel 2K, including a double spraydeck and two large tube bags, front and rear fin mounts as well as the optional Plus(+) material version. A packraft for two that leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

Good things can't be repeated, but sometimes they can be doubled. The Rebel Duo makes no secret of where it comes from. Therefore, there is actually no need to lose big words, the concept speaks for itself.

Characteristic is the spraydeck of the Rebels. The Duo is not different. The J-shaped closure, long chimneys and sealed seams provide good coverage, ease of use and plenty of freedom of movement. The spraydeck extends the range of use to conditions such as cold, rain, spray or wind. This is not only comfort but also a safety aspect. The closure is not 100 % tight (some water can get in above the zipper velcro), but is perfectly adequate in moderate conditions. The spraydeck can also be fixed so that you basically get an open boat. This makes the packraft interesting for touring in the summer, in hot climates, or with frequent exits, transfers, or sighting.

By the way, the fin mount has also been doubled, i.e. placed in the front and in the back. One or two fins can be added if needed for tracking, paddle efficiency and speed on calm waters. 

Just like its solo counterpart, the Rebel Duo is versatile and reliable in its use, whether river touring, splashy waters or lake. It is a boat for many occasions. Calculated per person the weight of the boat is still suitable for backpacking, as befits a packraft. Even trekking tours are therefore a realistic application.

For a relatively long model with two people as the center of mass or force, a tightly inflated boat is necessary. The use of a hand pump is appropriate for this purpose.

The seats and front backrest are individually attached to the boat via a fixation (similar to the Omega C2) to configure it for paddling partners of different sizes. Carefully thread the cord into the seat retainer so that a boat-side tab terminates at both ends.

Support cushion
The front backrest also serves the function of a support cushion for the spraydeck. This prevents water from accumulating in the middle of the deck (between the partners). Ideally, it should be inflated tightly. Position the backrest according to body size/space requirements. The attachment tabs are located directly under the spraydeck.

For detailed instructions on setup and configurations refer to the instruction manual provided. 

TubeBags (optional)
TubeBags are standard on the Rebel Duo and allow extended river trips with lots of luggage - from family vacations to expeditions. The two centrally positioned, IPX7 waterproof luggage zippers with directly backed and airtight inner pockets result in a luggage storage space of 70 l each, directly in the tube.

  • The system is highly resistant to dirt and wear due to its design, it cannot leak via the zipper
  • luggage is automatically positioned correctly and secured against slipping
  • the transport inside ensures a low center of gravity, protection against moisture and wind compared to exterior bags
  • the transport capacity of the boat is significantly increased

For assembly first stow the luggage (load the inside pockets), then close the zippers, then inflate the main air chamber. When dismantling, first open the main valve! Then open the zippers and unload the luggage.

The Rebel Duo is made of special fabric (TPU-Nylon), which despite the low weight has a high tear and abrasion resistance. The smooth, shiny surface of the tube coating is particularly scratch resistant. Our TPU nylon used in its main version has proven itself for many years.

The Rebel Duo is also available in the Plus(+) material version, which is +17% heavier, but thanks to higher weave density, stronger fibers and increased layer thicknesses, it is even +80% stronger. The Plus(+) material on the Rebel Duo can be recognised by the colour Terra Red+. However, it is also available in the familiar Green+.

The Rebel Duo has an overlapping, double-welded bottom which additionally protects the side tubes. All the boat’s seams are fully welded and the tube seams are additionally sewn, making it a completely glue-free construction. This saves weight, costs and the environment! We are so confident with our build that we provide an extended 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
More background information on the technologies and materials used can be found here.

Of course, no inflatable is indestructible but in the (unlikely) event of damage, field repairs can be made within a couple of minutes with LifePatch. Small pinholes can be sealed with Aquasure, a liquid urethane sealant.

Carbon footprint
All Anfibio Packrafts produced since 2018 have been carbon offset through selected climate protection projects. Learn more.

Social standards
Anfibio pays attention to safe and fair working conditions during the production. How we check social standards during manufacturing, we describe here.

Ships with:
  • Pack strap
  • Large inflation bag
  • Front block seat
  • Front back/deck cushion
  • Rear seat with backrest
  • Repair kit (tube and floor material)
  • Manual
  • Tubes: 210 denier nylon, one side, clear urethane (TPU) laminated, with surface finish (gloss)
    • Plus(+) version: high-density 420 den nylon fabric, clear urethane (TPU) coating on one side, incl. gloss surface finish
  • Floor: Plus(+) 840 denier high weave density nylon, double urethane (TPU) coated on both sides (0.15mm) 
  • Seats: 210 denier nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side 
  • TubeBags: 210 Den nylon, urethane (TPU) laminated on one side
  • Spraydeck: 70 Den Rip-Stop Nylon, urethane (TPU) coated on one side 
Symmetric hull, voluminous bow, voluminous stern, overlapping bottom, roll-up spraydeck with J-shaped zip-velcro-fastener, 8 grab loops (4 bow, 4 stern), main non-return valve, loop strap attachment for seats and backrests, two fins/skeg mounts (bow and stern)
Speed: 7kph
Buoyancy: 280kg
Glue-free construction with sewn and welded seams
  • Boat: 4570g
    • Plus(+) version: 4800 g
  • Rear seat: 330g
  • Front seat: 250g
  • Front cushion: 150g
  • Boat complete: 5300g
    • Plus(+) version: 5530 g
  • Pack strap: 25g
  • Inflation bag: 100g
  • Repair fabric: 20g
  • Length: 230cm
  • Width: 35cm
  • Length: 350cm
  • Width: 99cm
Waterline: 330cm
Tube diameter: 32cm
Packing size: about 40 x 35cm
Available colors: Silverlake Blue, Fresh Green+, Terra Red+
Carbon footprint
CO2 emissions: Boat with TubeBags: 146,09 kg, calculation details according to reference model Rebel 2K
CO2 compensation: fully offset (carbon neutral), see offset certificate