Kokopelli Rogue

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Kokopelli Rogue

Whitewater loving Packraft with standard fixed spraydeck and cargo zipper for luggage transport. The Kokopelli Rogue is also characterised by its voluminous stern and its backband support.

The Kokopelli Rogue has the same hull shape as the Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailer, but features a spraycover instead of a self-bailing configuration. It has a lower total weight due to the different bottom material (210den Kevlar nylon). The spraydeck reliably protects against any external moisture, whether rain or white water.
The Nirvana has an overall narrow fit, but a high-volume stern. The boat is equipped with a seat made of 210den ripstop Nylon, which can be fixed with an easy to use fastening system. A adjustable backband provides good support on the lower back. 
The boat also has a 48cm TiZip zipper, which allows luggage to be stowed inside the tubes. Furthermore, the boat also has 6 grab loops on which luggage can also be positioned on the bow. 
Due to the cargo zipper and the closed spraydeck the Kokopelli Rogue can also be used for longer tours. It can carry large quantities of luggage, making it a good companion for long journeys. 
However, the packraft excels in whitewater. The Nirvana self-bailer has a narrow trim, aggressive rocker on the bow, which has its characteristics in whitewater handling capability and is very easy to turn. Due to the dense spraydeck the packraft keeps waves and rain out.
Manufacturer claims
  • Kevlar reinforced floor system to maximizes durability while reducing weight and pack size. 
  • Floor attachment to the pontoons to position the paddler sitting higher which helps support your back and allows for easier paddle strokes over the pontoons
  • Inflatable seat material to a 210 denier diamond ripstop with a single easy to use attachment system. 
  • Kayak style back band offers great lower back support for long paddling days on the water.

 Ships with:

  • Pack straps
  • Inflation bag
  • Inflation Tube
  • Standard back seat (removable)
  • Adjustable backband
  • Field repair kit
  • Coaming
  • Spray skirt


  • Tubes: 210 denier double coated nylon, extra 1” reinforced seam tape over all tube welds
  • Floor: 210 denier double coated kevlar-nylon, V-tape floor construction
  • Seat/backrest: 210 denier single coated nylon 


asymmetric hull, one chambers design, strong upturned bow, elongated, high volume stern, 4 bow grab loops, 2 stern grap loops, main one-way valve (Leafield D7), integrated TiZip cargo zipper, spraydeck with coaming and spray skirt

Speed: 4km/h

Buoyancy: 150kg


heat-welded tube material, extra sealed with a 1” seam tap, glued floor with v-tape construction for added durability


Boat: 3.140g

Sprayskirt: 290g

Coaming: 140g
Seat (removable): 230g
Backrest (removable): 140g

Pack strap: 2x27g
Inflation bag: 140g
Repair Kit: 50g



  •  Length: 130cm
  •  Width: 38cm


  • Length: 235cm
  • Width: 95cm
  • Waterline: 160cm
  • Tube diameter: 29cm

Packing size: about 40 x 30cm

Available colors: Yellow/Grey