Nortik Trekraft Expedition (with deck)

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Nortik Trekraft Expedition (with deck)

The Expedition series of the classic Nortik Trekrafts with standard integrated zippers to stow your luggage in the tube, which is not susceptible to dirt and wear, because the luggage compartment is separated from the main tube.

The Expedition series from Nortik corresponds to the classic Nortik Trekrafts, but features the possibility to stow luggage in the tubes. Otherwise it is the same base model as the version without sidebags. A deck offers the potential for whitewater use but also has its benefits if the weather is cold, wet and miserable.
The Expedition series has two zippers on the inside of the centre tube (see pictures), which separates and forms an integrated pocket behind the zipper, which is to be filled with luggage. The zippers do not have to be air- or watertight, as the luggage compartment is separated from the main tube (see diagrams), thus being insensitive to dirt and use. The zippers themselves are protected from moisture by a cover, keeping the stowed luggage dry inside.
  • low centre of gravity, protected from wind, rain and splashes, reduces exposure when paddling
  • the system is not dependent on the tightness of the zippers (because it does not need to be due to its principle), thus being insensitive
  • the luggage is positioned in the correct space and secured it from slipping
  • the transport capacity of the boat is considerably increased
The additional storage space makes the Trekraft of the Expedition Line more versatile in use. For trips lasting several days, the additional storage space makes the Trekraft of the Expedition Line interesting. Both whitewater and calm water trips are possible.
The principle of packraft sidebags with regular zippers like with the Nortik Trekraft Expedtion is simple and economic, thus a good option being on a budget.

Ships with

  • Stuff sack
  • Coaming poles
  • Spray skirt
  • Thigh straps
  • Inflation bag
  • Seat
  • Back rest
  • Repair kit (Stormsure, Tape, spare tube and floor material)


  • Tubes: 210den TPU Nylon
  • Floor: 1000den TPU Nylon
  • Seat: 210den Oxford Nylon
  • Deck: Ripstop Nylon


asymmetric hull, slightly upturned bow, elongated stern, wide fit, 4 grab loops, main dump valve and twist lock mouth valve, thigh straps, two luggage zippers on the side tubes with inside airtight pockets and cover above the zippers


Taped seams, glued floor and deck

Speed: 4 km/h

Buoyancy: 150kg


Boat: 3.570g (including cover and thigh straps [60g])
Poles/ Skirt: 190g + 320g
Seat: 165g

Boat complete: 4.245g

Stuff sack: 140g

Thigh Straps: 60g
Inflation bag: 270g
Repair set: 100g

Package complete: 4.815g


   Length: 133cm
   Width at hips: 38 cm

   Length: 230cm
   Width: 94 cm

Waterline: 160cm

Tube diameter: 29 cm
Packing size: about 55 x 20cm (consider a two person tent)

Longest Pole segment (coaming): 58cm

Colour: black / yellow

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