Nortik Trekraft (no deck)

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Nortik Trekraft (no deck)

Packraft by the brand nortik. Familiar shape, reasonable material, slightly heavier, less varied (no sizing), but more affordable.  

The Trekraft is a packraft in the familiar shape fabricated of reasonable TPU nylon (of which more below), offered by the trademark Nortik (of which also more below). Its a classic design as an inflatable boat can only adopt so many forms. The Trekraft still possesses some distinctive characteristics:
  • long interior space (133cm): less snug body fit, but allowing low-down storage space which can mean less windage, splash and better stability
  • minimal bow upturn and longer waterline more suited to calm water speed than whitewater agility
  • basic set up: only seat, 4 grab loops reflected in overall weight and also price
  • durable construction: heat-welded seams with a correspondingly thick tape
The question remains: it is a worthwhile alternative?
Despite the limited range of sizes and other options, we think so. The pragmatic packrafter not concerned with high-end image will be pleased with the solidly-built Trekraft. As the saying goes, Nortik’s new Trekraft reflects good value in its price to performance ratio.
For moderate land/water trips a snug, back-to-feet fit is not so vital. The core features of a packraft remain: low weight and compact packed size with dependable sturdiness. Classic packrafting trips across mountains, lake and river are all well suited to your Trekraft. We think the Trekraft’s added length can make it particularly good for bikerafting (paddle and pedal) and also for take along dog, child or extra baggage.
Material Info
Polyurethane (PU) is an essential component of packraft manufacture and differs from other materials used for inflatables boats such as l Hypalon or PVC. PU is easily weldable and can be light, while maintaining excellent aging and abrasion resistance and remaining flexible at low temperatures as well as tolerating UV exposure. The Trekraft features thermoplastic polyurethane, which describes a type of material coating but more precisely the coating process. A hot polyurethane melt is applied in a single layer to the nylon base fabric using two rollers or calenders. This is a solvent free process compared to other methods as it doesn’t require costly adhesion paints and multiple coats. It is enviromentally-friendly, energy-saving and thus less expensive, reflected in overall boat price. The resulting TPU layer produces a durable material with a good abrasion resistance and a reliable bond. Haptics (touch and feel) and folding (piling) characteristic differ from alternatives (little less soft). Reparability or adding attachment loops is the same as similar fabrics. Recommended adhesives include Storesure (liquid PU sealant) and Helaplast (contact glue).
About Nortik
Nortik is a label by Out-Trade GmbH from Ulm, Germany, focusing on the folding kayak market. The majority of products and so the Trekraft is manufactured in Russia by folding-kayak makers Triton.


Ships with

  • Stuff sack
  • Inflation bag
  • Velcro attached seat (removable)
  • Repair kit (Stormsure, Tape, spare tube and floor material)


  • Tubes: 210den TPU Nylon
  • Floor: 420den TPU Nylon
  • Seat: 210den Oxford Nylon


asymmetric hull, slightly upturned bow, elongated stern, wide fit,  4 grab loops, main dump valve and twist lock mouth valve.


Taped and glued seams, glued floor (outside), taped inside the floor

Speed: 4 km/h

Buoyancy: 150kg


Boat: 2800g
Seat: 200g

Boat complete: 3000g

Stuff sack: 137g
Inflation bag: 243g
Repair set: 73g



Length: 133cm
Width at hips: 38 cm


Length: 230cm
Width: 94 cm
Waterline: 160cm

Tube diameter: 29 cm
Packing size: about 50 * 30cm (consider a two person tent)


Bikerafting in Iceland by Jim

First impression by Chris S.

Pictures in use by Oliver S.

Detailed Test by Chris. S.

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