Anfibio Vertex+

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Anfibio Vertex+

Our Vertex paddle comes with a classic double blade, fine shaft and one-kilo weight. Equally suitablefor calm and whitewater. The two-position length is adjustable from 210cm to 225cm.

The Vertex paddle has a blade with large area and shape as well as stiffening core for increased performance! A snap-button ferrule permits three angles: 60° right, 0° and 60° left. Furthermore the length can be adjusted in two steps (210 to 225cm).
The four-part paddle has a polished glass fibre shaft, which compared to coiled fibreglass improves hand contact and so helps avoid blisters. The robust nylon blades have a slight dihedral design to encourage a good catch and the fine edges enhance smooth paddling. Both blades and shaft are fibreglass reinforced so are fracture-proof and strong. Drip rings are included.


The Anfibio Vertex is made for touring but can also sustain whitewater abuse. Blades are smaller than our Anfibio Smash so provide a slightly softer stroke. If you have more powerful paddling needs we recommend going for the Smash. Compared to the Wave, the Vertex features a more powerfull use nevertheless.
It’s good all-round, stiff and reasonable light paddle offering good value. 

Weight 1050g

Length: Two-position adjustable: 210cm to 225cm

Segment: 63,5cm

Blade size: 45 * 18,5cm

Parts: 4

Angle: 0°, 60° left and right

Material: Fiberglas shaft, nylon blades

Construction: Feathered ferrule, drip rings, Snap button wholes