Aqua Bound Manta Ray Fiber

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Aqua Bound Manta Ray Fiber

The Manta Ray fibre has a very good value. It is still suitable for whitewater and reasonably light. It provides a 4-pieces break down with several featherings of course. Powerfull blade size!

The Manta Ray Fibreglass Paddle offers a similar strength as the Manta Ray Carbon. Its fibreglass reinforced blades and shaft are fracture-proof and strong. It is a little heavier (+130) than the Carbon. But it is of excellent value and resistant for mechanical strain. This Aqua-Bound paddle comes with a standard 3-hole snap button ferrule system, with 0 and 60-degree RHC and LHC feathered positions. Quiet and precise, it won't squeak or wiggle. Drip rings are also included (both price and weight!)

The Manta Ray Fibre has a slightly larger blade, thus giving more pressure on the water. It therefore suits high-angle paddlers on moving water. It's a great whitewater and general-purpose paddle. At higher weight and larger blade, it is still acceptable for touring. Generally, it is a good all-round paddle for a very good price.

Care and maintenance Do not store it assembled when wet. If stored assembled and wet, the nylon ferrules (plugs) can absorb water and expand inside the fiber shaft, resulting in a stuck or locked paddle. Over time you may notice your paddle's assembly fit getting tighter. This is due the close tolerances necessary to manufacture a really solid paddle, the shaft curing (hence shrinking in internal diameter) and the nylon ferrules slowly absorbing moisture and expanding. Light sanding of ferrules is all that's necessary to keep it in fighting trim. If it's tight going on, it'll be tight coming off.

Weight: 1000 g

Length: 210 cm

Segment: 69 cm

Blade size: 44 x 20 cm

Parts: 4

Angle: 0°, 60° both sides

Material: Fibreglas shaft, fiberglass reinforced plastic blades (ABX/PE)

Construction: Snap buttons, Drip rings, 3-hole snap buttons ferrule