Anfibio Multipower

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Anfibio Multipower

The classy modular paddle for kayaking and canoeing, alone or with a partner. An 900g/580g lightweight composite that is just 60cm disassembled and can be converted into two canoe paddles and even a full-length SUP paddle.

The Anfibio Multipower paddle features a composite construction with the following advantages: 
1. Reduced weight, especially in the blades (about 100g per paddle), makes for a lower swing mass
2. Stiffer blades have a rigid sandwich core superior energy transference and improved control 
3. Thinner blades create less water binding (dripping) as well as a smoother cut through the water
Otherwise our Multipower is as versatile as the Vertex multi-paddle and is especially designed for the use with two-person-packrafts (e.g. the Adventure X2 or Barracuda R2The fully collapsible kayak paddle has a weight of 900g while – in contrast to coiled fibreglass – the warm fibreglass shaft is polished for improved contact with your palm and fingers, so avoiding blisters. 
Smooth and robust composite blades execute a clean cut through the water. You will feel the difference if you hold the light, shiny blades in your hand. The Vertex’s classic oval blade design is well balanced between kayaking and canoeing applications. The snap-button ferrule design allows three blade angles: 60° right, 0° and 60° left. Drip rings are included.
With the two extenders you can easily convert the Multipower Paddle into two canoe paddles. With a weight of 580g this is a the light canoeing paddle; its symmetrical blade makes it a true canoeing paddle.
The classy version of our Anfibio Vertex has strength in its versatility. If you’re using the Adventure X2 or Barracuda R2 alone or two-up and want to be flexible on tour, this is the paddle for you. Ideally suited to touring, the Premium also can be used in white water and if you swap a blade for one of the extenders, you get a super light SUP paddle with a length of 184cm and a weight of just 740g. Don’t say we haven’t thought it through!
If stored assembled and wet, the ferrules (plugs) can absorb water, expand and jam. Do not store for long periods assembled when wet.

Weight kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP paddle / total: 900g / 2 x 580g / 740g / 1160g

Length: kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP paddle 215cm / 140cm / 184cm 


Blade size: 45 x 18 cm

Parts: 60cm (disassembled)

Anglel: 0°, 60° both sides

Material: Fibreglass shaft, Composite blades

Construction: Snap buttons, Drip rings, 3-hole snap buttons ferrule

Author:  Robertjan K. on 04/05/2019
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

I consider this paddle to be my best packrafting buy. Its a good match for the standard packrafts, and I can also use it as 2 canoeing-style paddles for my Adventure X2.

In case of packrafts you can have various demands: lightweight for hiking or bikepacking, 2-person for overnight packrafting, or just a standard size for 1-person daytime activities.
With paddles not so much: you just need a lightweight, strong and reasonably compact paddle. This one fits that bill perfectly. If you can buy just 1 paddle for all your packrafting needs, this is *THE* paddle.

I own 3 packrafts and with 2 of them I think this is the right paddle: the Alpha XC (not too much propulsion) and the Adventure X2 (both single kayaking mode, as well as canoeing mode with my buddy). For the Supai Flatwater Canyon, this paddle gives too much propulsion. Get an appropriate paddle instead.

I do think black would have been a better colour for camping illegally outside of campsites, but other than that this is my packrafting Best Buy.

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