Anfibio Vertex Multi

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Anfibio Vertex Multi

The ideal paddle for the use with two-person-packrafts (eg. Adventure X2), alone or with two people. The 1000g lightweight fiber glass kayak paddle can easiely be converted into two canoe paddles, and even a SUP paddle.

The popular Vertex paddle now features a blade with larger area and a new shape for increased performance. Especially in canoeing mode, this is a great improvement.

The Anfibio Vertex multi-paddle was especially designed for thus use with two-person-packrafts (e.g. Adventure X2 or Barracuda R2). The 4-part kajak paddle with a weight of 1000g has a polished fiber glass shaft, ehich in contrast to coiled fibreglass improves contact with your palm and fingers, so avoiding blisters. The blades are made of robust Nylon. The slight dihedral blades design promotes a good forward stroke and fine edges create a smooth paddling style. The snap buttons ferrule design allows three blade angles: 60° right, 0° and 60° left. The Nylon blade is strong and lightweight. Drip rings are also included.

With the two extenders you can convert the kayak paddel easiely into two canoe paddle, for two people paddeling the Adventure X2. If you swap a blade with one of the extenders, you get a nice SUP-paddle with a lenth of 184cm and a weight of 700g. It actually was not meant to be an SUP-paddel, but it works.


The strength of the Anfibio Vertex multipaddle is his versatility. If you are using the Adventure X2 alone as well as with two people and want to tb flexible on tour, you can't miss this one. This paddle is made for touring but also can stand white water. It can be used as an SUP-paddle as well.

Do not store it assembled when wet.

If stored assembled and wet, the ferrules (plugs) can absorb water and expand inside the shaft, resulting in a stuck or locked paddle.

 Weight kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP-paddle / total: 1000g / 2 x 650g / 700g / 1300g

All weights +/-50g tolerance. Including drip rings.

Length kayak paddle / canoe paddle / SUP-paddle : 210cm / 140cm / 184cm

Segment: 65cm

Blade size: 45 x 18,5cm

Parts: 6

Anglel: 0°, 60° both sides

Material: Fibreglas shaft, nylon blades

Construction: Snap buttons, Drip rings, 3-hole snap buttons ferrule