Anfibio Fly

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Anfibio Fly

Ultralight, five-piece paddle with freely adjustable length (178-210cm) and paddle blade angle. Ideal for packrafting tours with long hiking stages, as well as  calm water trips. Also suitable as a spare- and children's paddle. 480g 

Those who pay close attention to boat weight and packability will also make a likewise choice with the paddle. The Anfibio Fly has a minimum weight of just 480g making it an ideal ultra-light companion. It can be broken down into five segments none longer than 49cm so can be easily stored in any daypack. The minimalist features of the Anfibio Fly make it very unique and special.
The length of the paddle is freely adjustable from 178cm to 210cm making the paddle suitable for adults of any size, but also children. Furthermore, the angle of the paddle blades can be set at any angle, so making the Fly adaptable to all preferences. 
The 24mm diameter fiberglass shaft offers minimal flex and a warm, secure grip. The nylon blades have some flexibility, yet making them durable enough against moderate contacts with rocks or river beds.
The minimised blade surface still offers adequate propulsion in calm and free-flowing waters, such as open lakes and slow rivers. Best for touring with light luggage and for ultralight boats like Anfibio Nano SL, Anfibio Nano RTC or Anfibio Alpha XC. The Anfibio Fly is also well suited as a light, easily packable and inexpensive replacement or back up paddle and as a pole for a tarp shelter.

The Fly paddle is not meant for whitewater, strong currents, heavy wind, big, open water or tours with heavy luggage (such as loading bikes).


Have a look for the Vertex Tour Paddle with a larger blade surface and still being very lightweight  (890g).


A paddle leash (add on)  is only recommended for open water and currents without any class of white water, as well as for securing the paddle when landing and pausing.

Weight: 480g

Blade size: 35 * 15 cm

Segment: 49cm

Length: 178-210cm

Diameter paddle shaft: 24mm

Parts: 5

Angle: freely adjustable

Material: nylon fiberglass blade, coiled fibreglass shaft

Author:  Benoit B. on 30/04/2022
Evaluation:  1 of 5 Stars!

I bought Anfibio Fly on the assumption it was a quality featherlight paddle. Featherlight it is, but it broke in two when we first used it! The blade separated from the shaft, and the blade was gone (apparently a glue problem). Very disappointing. I would recommend not to buy this item.

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