Supai Olo

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Supai Olo

The lightest complete paddle at all, a minimalist paddle with 5 segments. Perfect for long distance trekking and open water (365g).

The Supai Olo is an extrem paddle dedicated to weight, the supralight equivalent in the paddle market. It is best suited to  complement a likewise boat such as the Flatwater Canyon II. At 365g the Supai Olo Paddle is the lightest complete paddle available at all. No compromise however was taken in longevity. Used for its purpose (flat water), it is reliable and has a long working life. 
The full length of 190cm breaks down into 5 equal pieces. Snap button connect shaft and blades. The Supai Olo is designed for use when packweight has priority and hitting rocks or other forces can be avoided. Generally, it remains a paddle for the minimalist. 
The high quality laminated carbon has been reinforces by a triangular fork, which provides a reasonable stiff blade for adequate propulsion.
There is no need for any special maintenance or storage recommendation. However, these blades should be treated with care (also on transport). 
Any bubbles visible on the fork of the paddle blade as well as possible slight folds in the carbon lamination are manufacturing-conditioned and have no influence on the functionality.

Weight: 365g

Blade size: 35 * 15 cm

Segment: 48 cm

Length: 199 cm

Parts: 5

Angle: 0° fix

Material: Aircraft-grade aluminium, Carbon blades

Construction: Carbon layups, triangular fork, powder coated aluminium, snap buttons

Author:  Robertjan K. on 06/05/2019
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

Back when I bought this paddle, it was about the lightest one around. Perhaps it still is. I just bought it along with the Supai packraft to try out packrafting. Now with a total of 3 packrafts, I can say that it mostly matches the Supai packraft the best. And this combination is a dream for crossing quiet water. Propulsion with this paddle matches perfectly with the lightest of packrafts. I guess that if you want a bit more propulsion for a tiny bit more weight, the new lightweight Anfibio paddle would be perfect. For the average packraft, get a different paddle instead. (Like the Anfibio Multipower.)

Quality wise, you can really feel that its a technical paddle. Although the aluminium is rather thin to hold onto. Also, the lack of drip rings is really something when you wanna paddle a long time.

All in all, this paddle is high quality, super lightweight, and really made for carrying with you. Not for paddling all day every day. Perfect for trekking through Scotland, Sweden and the like. When you carry a lightweight packraft for those incidental moments you need to cross a quiet body of water.

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