"I packraft climate neutral" Sticker

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High-quality sticker made of water-resistant material for smooth surfaces. Fits well on helmet, paddle, bike, car, laptop or other everyday items. Make a statement for climate-neutral packrafting in everyday life or on tour.


Buying climate-neutral is good, using climate-neutral is even better! Paddle along CO2-free and show your commitment to nature and climate with an individual sticker. 

The waterproof sticker can be applied both indoors and outdoors and can be attached to laptops, bicycles, cars, helmets or paddles. The sticker also withstands external influences on the packraft (as long as it is not strained by too much bending during packing).

What does it mean to packraft climate (carbon) neutrally?
In simple terms, climate neutrality means not affecting the climate through an activity - in our case paddling. With our Anfibio packrafts we have already taken the first step in this direction: Through our avoidance, reduction and offsetting measures, we offer every user of an Anfibio packraft the basis to carry out packrafting CO2-free even during the usage phase. You can read more about what we do here

The use phase of every packraft offers a decisive lever with which one can actively contribute to a good carbon footprint. The concept of a packraft - a light, packable boat with minimal weight and packing size - offers ideal conditions for doing without climate-damaging "additives". While many people now may think of restrictions, we rather think of discovering new possibilities and ways - completely in the sense of an amphibious paddle boat.

We recommend, for example, to avoid travelling by car when travelling to the place of use of the packraft. Instead, it is suitable to transport the boat in a backpack, on a bicycle or in public transport. The low weight and packing size of an Anfibio packraft make it literally easy. You can even measure how effective this simple measure is: A car journey of 250 km corresponds to the same amount of CO2 emitted as the production of an Anfibio Packraft (see also our CO2-calculation and comparison calculator). Each individual can make a very effective contribution. 

Once on the water with a packraft, it is important to leave nature as you found it - or even cleaner. Respecting nature reserves is a matter of course.

CO2 can also be saved when buying a packraft. For few users or paddlers who only paddle once a year, renting a packraft may be an option instead of buying one. Rental offers are available from us, among others.

To avoid unnecessary new purchases, proper maintenance is also of great importance. In general, Anfibio packrafts are extremely durable and long-lasting if cared for correctly - it is important to follow care instructions. Also, in the rare event of damage, repairing a packraft is almost always possible, either by yourself or in our workshop.

The individual usage behaviour of each packrafter is therefore decisive. Now it is up to each individual to keep their impact on the climate low, so that we can still discover nature from the water in a hundred years' time.

Are you with us? Make a statement with our sticker.

Also suitable as a gift or inspiration.

Dimensions: 7 x 7 cm

Colour: Coloured graphic on white background

Material: Polymer foil, finished with protective laminate, white, illustrated in colour

Features: Waterproof, durable, adheres well and for a long time to smooth surfaces, residue-free removal