PU-glue and hardener (HELAPLAST+ Elastosal RFE)

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PU-glue and hardener (HELAPLAST+ Elastosal RFE)

Shipping only available for designated counties! The ideal glue to add tiedowns, other attachments (like fin mounts) to a packraft and for other glueing jobs (major repairs). Special contact glue for permanent bondings. Needs heat to be processed, not for use in the field.

The ideal glue to add Tiedowns (Grap Loopor other attachments (like fin mounts) to a packraft. Also suitable for major repairs and other gluing jobs.

A special "how to"-tutorial is provided in our blog: www.packrafting.de. (in German, but Google-translation works well, see option page top right).

HELAPLAST glues PU, soft-PCV, leather and rubber. Manufacturer's manual (German): download, Version 2 is prefered and according to the instruction above.

Content choices:

1 Tube Helaplast (50ml) , 1 bottle accelerator RFE (10ml)*, will be enough for up to 8 Tiedowns

1 bin Helaplast (300ml)1 bottel hardener RFE (15ml), can be stored for longer, if properly sealed.

*The bottle is only filled 1/3 = 10g, applying ratio 1:100, so this is more than enough.


Concider to add Lösit MEK solvent to process Helaplast more easily.

ATTENTION: Shipping only available for designated counties (see options)!  Please select accordingly when ordering! For shipping outside Germany a dangerous goods surcharge is due. If several dangerous goods items are to be shipped, the surcharge applies only once. Please select accordingly.

Avoid eye and skin contact! Press the tube very carefully, otherwise it may open in the fold. Consider to wear safety goggles.

Author:   Gast on 21/04/2019
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

Ich habe mit diesen Kleber den Beschlag der Finne geklebt, die Verarbeitung ( reaktivieren mit Fön) ist auch für ungeübte sehr einfach. Die Finne konnte man innerhalb kurzer Zeit in den Belag einschieben ohne das sich was löst. Klasse Produkt !!

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