Tesa ISOFIX 2 (Tyvek Tape equivalent)

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Tesa ISOFIX 2 (Tyvek Tape equivalent)

Emergency repair tape for temporary fix in the field on packrafts and alike. Inexpensive, effective and quick. To be removed back home. 

Tesa Isofix (or Tyvek Tape) is originally used for airthight and waterproof connection on vapor barrier sheeting on new home construction, but it makes a good repair tape for inflatables too! Packrafter around the world rely on it heavily for field repairs.  

Perfect for emergency situations, where you need a lot of tape or where time prevents clean processing. The inexpensive character allows a generous use. You will want to remove the yellow, printed tape after use at home (for the optics alone). 

Recommendes as temporary solution. This tape is very sticky, if cured too long it can be hard to remove. Use alcohole to clean residue. 


  • inexpensive
  • effective
  • quick
  • instant
  • easy to use
  • strong (ripstop)
  • airthight
  • waterproof

We also have good experiences in repair of latex (e.g. cuffs or socks on dry suits).

Comes as cut (60mm x 5m, in a ziplock bag ) or roll (60mm x 25m, cardbox package).  

Weight: 100g (5m). 

Material: Polypropylene film, coated with a specially formulated permanent acrylic adhesive, reinforced ripstop thread