(Front) Backrest / Backband

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(Front) Backrest / Backband

Additional backrest for use in packraft double (for example MRS Adventure X2, Barracuda R2) especially for the front paddler. Also usable as a comfort version in a single packraft.

Comfortable, adjustable backrest for the front seat in a packraft double, especially the MRS Adventure X2  (optional) or the Barracuda R2 (replacement). It provides back support for a very relaxed front position. Also usable as a comfort version in a single packraft (for example Nomad S1).

The backrest is a combination of an air cushion and a backband, thus the inflation can be variable. 

Four or six leashes (depending on the packraft model) position the backrest in the desired adjustment. Necessary tie downs (Strap Plates) are pre-installed with newer boats. Older models can be retrofitted with these.

Weight: 310g

Material: Oxford-Nylon single-side PU-coated (inflatable device), double-sided PU-coated (backband)