TiZip SuperSeal 50cm

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TiZip SuperSeal 50cm

Airtight, pressure resistant zipper for self installation of a luggage zipper (same as Internal Storage System/ ISS). Also available as a set with glue, diluter MEK, Grab Loops and internal storage bags.

Luggage transport always is an issue. If you reach your limits with bow or stern loading, transporting luggage in the tube can increase the total transport volume considerably. Depending on the model there exist different options for this, which are best be decided before buying a packraft.

However, the installation of a luggage zipper (like Internal Storage System/ ISS) is also possible at later stages on all boats with a coating on the inside of the material and sufficient space on the tube segment. The zipper must be glued in manually. This requires some manual skills, a little time and at the same time the courage to cut the packraft accordingly and to fit it with the air- and watertight zipper.

The TiZip SuperSeal is the standard zipper of the ISS. It is an extremely strong, abrasion-resistant and robust zipper that meets these requirements. The SuperSeal’s mechanical design ensures that the sealing lips are pressed more tightly together when the zipper is exposed to transverse tensile forces, which helps enhancing its sealing strength. Careful handling and maintenance should be carried out in the same way as for the ISS. This includes above all the avoidance or removal of dirt particles (e.g. sand, etc.) and careful drying your boat also from the inside after use.

The zipper must be glued with a 2-component adhesive (e.g. Helaplast and hardener). Diluter MEK can be used for better processing. The instructions for glueing (using Grab Loops as an example) can be found here (only in german, but google translator helps - see right column).
One set of PU glue (50ml) + hardener is sufficient for gluing a zipper, if you dilute the glue with solvent (MEK). If you want to glue more (e.g. Grab Loops), we recommend the 300ml can (in this case don't forget the hardener!). The glue can be stored longer, if well sealed.

Internal Storage bags are optionally available. They position the luggage securely inside the tube. In order to do this one Grab Goop per bag must be glued inside the tube. 

The TiZip Superseal offered here can of course also be installed in other items where total water and airtightness is needed, for example on panniers or similar.

Note: We request you to apply some lubricant to the interlocking elements and the sealing lips. Then open and close the zippers across their full length at least 5 times after they have been incorporated into new products.

Typ: TiZip Superseal

Length: 50cm

Weight: 90g

Addtional information can be found on the TiZip data sheet.