Anfibio RescueLine (18 m)

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Anfibio RescueLine (18 m)

Lightweight throwbag with classic rope (core-sheath construction) for better grip and increased tear strength in special rescue situations as well as regular personal rescue, material saving and other guying jobs. 395g

The RescueLine is the stronger version of Anfibio throwbags. In contrast to the LifeLine, the rope features a Dyneema core. This makes it heavier, but has a better grip and it can also be used in technical rescues (with pulleys, HMS and abseiling equipment). Tensile strength is more than three times greater than human holding forces (1150kg).

A throw bag is the most important rescue device of any boater. For white water enthusiasts it is indispensable. Such safety equipment is the life line to your partner, similar to a rope team in the mountains. It enables you to reach, tow and rescue swimmers in the current, most important if stuck in a hole or under a low bridge. Typically it is used to safeguard at difficult steps.

A throw bag however is also a multifunctional item. It can be used as a clothesline to dry your wet paddling cloths, to wire your tent/tarp, store your food bear proof or for abseiling material. On any trip a rope is useful in many ways. 

Please note: The use of a throwbag should be learned and trained. There are many instructions on the web and even specific courses.


Length: 18m

Total weigth: 395g 


Bag: Ripstop Nylon, PU/silicone coated, 
Rope: Dyneema (core), Polypropylen (sheath),16 times webbed, 6,5mm diameter

Stretch/Elongation: <3 %

Water absorption: 0%

Minimum Breaking Strength: 11.5 kN (~1150kg)

Characteristics: buoyant, UV-resitant, rot-proof

Design/Production: Anfibio Packrafting Gear, Handmade in Germany!