Secumar Vivo 50

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Secumar Vivo 50

Simple and lightweight buoyancy aid (50N), offers liberty of action, universal size, easy adjustment. 280g.

The Vivo 50 is, due to our research, the lightes fixed foam buoyancy aid on the market! It is 280g. It also has a short and slim design, which is ideal for packrafters (no impact with the backrest). The attached crotch strap keeps the garment from riding up.

The vest is made simple (pull over, no front closure), but functional designed (multi layerder foam, belly belt). There are no addiotional buckles or pockets to reduce the weight.

It ensuers reliable buoyancy in the 50N class (buoyancy aid for inland water), but it is not a true white water PFD! It has no harness the necessary tear strengh.

Last but not least, it makes a good pillow or foot rest, but never sit on it! At the low price and minimum weight there is no argument for no life vest.

Buoyancy Class (CE): 50 N

Type of buoyancy/ Method of Inflator: Inherent buoyancy / SECUfoam, multilayered

Size/ body weight Buoyancy: 50 N (45 - 120 kg)

Buoyancy chamber system: Buoyancy aid

Weight: 280g (red/ without mesh pocket), 330g (orange/ with mesh pocket)

Approvals: DIN EN ISO 12402-5 (CE)

Color: red