1. Delivery time
  2. Payment methods
  3. Shipping costs
  4. Warranty issues
  5. Returns and cancellation
  6. Data privacy protection
  7. Detailed manual
  8. User Agreement

Delivery time

You can see the shipping status for each product in the shop system.

Items in stock (as most articles) will be shipped right after payment reception. Once the package boat goes into shipping we provide a tracking number by email. Out of experience runtime with our shipping service providers (normally DHL) varies the following: 

  • 1-3 days for Germany
  • up to 5 days within the EU and to Switzerland
  • 6 days into UK and Norway (depending on customs clearing)
  • Shipments outside of Europe (Russia, Australia, Japan) may take several weeks to arrive

However, we have no influence on the actual runtime by the deliverers.

Incoming goods (not yet in our warehouse) are marked as shipping date or period (e.g. mid-May 2021, 3-4 weeks). The parcel delivery times of the deliverers are added accordingly. It is advisable to place an order of those in advance to secure items from the incoming supply (may be already sold out when the delivery date is reached). Cancellations are possible at any time.

If you are missing individual products or certain configurations (color / size / add ons) in our selection, please ask for delivery times. They may be incoming too or, if necessary, can be part of a special order / custom manufacturing (8-10 weeks). Due to the wide range of products and the individually handcrafted nature of packrafts, not all variants are always in stock.

Orders with articles of different delivery status will be shipped together, unless otherwise agreed (partial delivery). The delivery time then corresponds to the item with the longest delivery time.

Payment methods

The following payment options are available with us:

International bank transfer by IBAN (prepayment) 

With this payment method you will receive a credit of 1% (3 Euro max.) with your order. Standard nank transfers by IBAN are fast, secure and mostly free of charge. Please make your payment to:

Receiver: Anfibio Packrafting Store, Schellin & Kreinacker GbR
IBAN: DE74830654080004663250, BIC GENODEF1SLR
Bank Name: Deutsche Skatbank Altenburg

You will get this information again via Email upon order confirmation.

In terms of a buyer protection, we offer our word and our prominent position in the European packrafting scene and maintain a good reputation.

Payment via PayPal account

PayPal is a secure online payment system where you can use your credit card or debit from your checking account, which will be deposited once with PayPal. The payment / checkout process will guide them through the PayPal system, including a registration if they have not already done so. Otherwise, the process is done with a few clicks. PayPal is an instant payment.

Payment by credit card or direct debit

A payment by credit card or direct debit can also be made without your own PayPal account. For this we use the service of PayPal+.

Shipping costs

Orders above 50 € ship within Germany for free. Otherwise:
Germany (DE)up to 50 €4,95 €

Other destinations:

European Union (EU)    9,95 €
Europe elsewhere (UK, CH, NO, etc.) 20,00 €
Intercontinental (e.g. AUS, RUS, JAP, etc.)up to 10 kg 60,00 €

For non-EU countries or commercial customers outside of Germany VAT will be deducted upon providing an according shipping address resp. a valid VAT ID in that country. To business orders apply separate shipping costs.

Warranty issues

Products we offer are extremely well made and will stand up to the use for which they were designed. Furthermore, each product is individually inspected so failures in materials and construction are rare.  However, if there are clear defects in materials or workmanship you as the original owner are legally entitled to compensation up to 24 months by law. Additional manufacturers’ guarantees which exceed that period are not affected. Please note that warranty issues are always subject to evaluation by the manufacturer and the merchant. Rips, burns, tears, and damage due to accident, normal wear and tear, improper care, misuse or the natural breakdown of colours and materials over time are not covered by the warranty. And this warranty does not apply to products with unauthorized modifications or alterations, or if the product has been used for a purpose for which it was not designed. This warranty gives you specific legal rights within the European Union. Other rights may vary from country to country and are not covered. All warranty claims are subject to supplementary performance that means repaired or replaced free of charge. If that fails, you have the right to receive a refund on return of the claimed item. The customer and original owner must verify their purchase with the original invoice. Return shipping charges to evaluate a warranty claim are covered by the customer and will be refunded on confirmation of a claim. Shipping of replaced or repaired items is free of charge. In the event of a warranty claim, please get in touch with us first.

Returns and cancellation

You have the right to withdraw from your purchase within 14 days without giving any reason. Full information and detailed instruction is to be find here.

Data privacy protection

We appreciate the information you provide to fulfil our role of customer support. Likewise, we appraise the interest in our information given provide products and services that we think will be important. We take data security issues seriously. The following is how we handle your data.

Detailed manuals

A manual provides the basic information about products. Where necessary, you will be served with the documents in paper form with your order.  

User Agreement

For offers on timely limited applications for rental and test purposes the following regulations apply.

With confirmation of your booking you noticed and acknowledged these conditions as a user agreement as part of our General Terms and Conditions. If there are any parts in this regulation, which do not accord to law, all other parts of our general terms and conditions shall remain.