User Agreement

This offer is a temporary right of use for rental and test purposes. Period, rate, delivery and type of use are determined by the booking. Our general terms and conditions contain the following addtional regulations for such timely limited applications.
  1. The use will be carried out under your full own responsibility including all obligations regarding inspection and information. Any involved risks are to be examined as it would appear on using your own property.
  1. It is especially advised to follow the safety, conservation and transportation rules on waterways.
  2. European inland waterways and the coastal waters (eg large waters navigable by (motor) ship and vessels) MUST NOT be run in a rental package.
  1. Cancellations can be carried out upto 5 days before shipping.
  1. Any damage out of unreasonable use, loss or delayed returns need to be covered by the customer and have to be declared upon return. All items have to be sent back clean and dry. Otherwise we have to apply a cleaning/drying fee of 15€ per boat.
Responsibilities by Packrafting Store (Schellin & Kreinacker GbR)
  1. Providing and timely delivery of fully functional and maintained products
  1. Covering all defects on workmanship and material analogue to a product warranty
  1. Liability on intention or gross negligence
With confirmation of your booking you noticed and acknowledged these conditions as a user agreement as part of our General Terms and Conditions. If there are any parts in this regulation, which do not accord to law, all other parts of our general terms and conditions shall remain.