Repair service

25,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs

Product no.: 9-PS-RS-0-0

Shipping time: 2-3 weeks

Repair service

Workmanship on major repairs, upgrades, modifcations and replacements. 

This is a generic service unit for custom work or major repairs, which are not covered by warranty. The number of units depends on the case. Typical jobs can include (or result from): 

  • Spraydeck glueing (torn material)
  • Tube repairs (holes, tears)
  • Bottom material replacement
  • Main and secondary valve exchange 
  • Any other modifications, upgrades (for ex. fins/skegs, backrests ) and replacements

The most common culprits are forceful impacts on sharp objects (broken shale, barbed wire, etc.) and operator accidents (such as hooking your foot on the seat during a bail-out). 


1. Please chose one Repair Service unit in the Shop system and describe your case in the comment field (ideally supplemented by photos via email). We will give an estimation on your case and make a quote with subject to examination

2. Ship your boat with name on it to: Anfibio Packrafting Store, Schellin & Kreinacker GbR, Körnerplatz 3d, 04107 Leipzig, Germany.

3. Waiting time can vary. We will give an estimation with our quote however. Please allow a minimum of 10 days in any case! 

These cases are extremely rare. They are almost always manageable however, even in extraordinary cases. 

Please dry and clean your packraft thoroughly before you send it to us. Cleaning work carried out by us on the boat, which is necessary to ensure proper and contractual repairs, will be charged with additional 50,00 EUR/hour. This also includes the removal of glue, patch and/or adhesive tape residues.
We will not start working on your boat until you have approved all the work and the order has been paid.

Including: Material, work, return shipping

Weight: 500g (Segments/Skirt only: 250g)
Length:  64 cm (longest segment)
Material: Ripstop Nylon mit PU/Silicon-coating, valcro addings, Nano-lite Aluminum, Pex Pipe
Colour: black and grey