MRS Ponto 2.0

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MRS Ponto 2.0

The largest single person raft in our assortment. With a long symmetrical hull for added speed and flotation, it’s great for fishing, flat-water paddling and as a small sailboat tender. 

The Ponto 2.0 is an old friend in a fresh format. Completely revised, it becomes a true Ponton. It is the widest, most buoyant and incredibly stable packraft in the entire range of single packrafts. A whopping 136*42cm space inside suits fishermen, dog boaters, game haulers, bike rafters  and all that need a little extra.  Rugged and sturdy, this is the the Fatbike equivalent in the Packraft world.

The Ponto is the “freighter” of the backpacking boats, sort of a "heavy truck" for those who do not require serious white water performance. The high volume hull provides excellent buoyancy for heavy cargo.

The Ponto fulfils two roles:
  1. It is an extra-size (XXL) for paddlers, who are too tall or big for other singles or those who prefer a larger space for comfort, but prefer the agility and weight of a single!
  2. It is a special boat for high volume transportation: travel with a lot of gear, taking (young) children and other increased space requirements (e.g. when fishing or hunting). It also makes a good sailboat tender.
The Ponto enables relaxing floats on high mountain lakes and fjords, geocaching, fishing, hunting and river trekking or classic packrafting – combined trips on water and land. A fast and roomy craft with the most cargo capacity of our single-person boats, but still being moderatly whitewater worthy! 
The Ponto is paddled kayak style and is inflated with a big nylon inflation bag which attaches to the boat via a screw-in valve. Scoop up air and push it into the boat. Then top-off to full pressure with the twist lock mouth valve.
Excursus: Open packrafts
There are good reasons to choose a boat without a spray deck. One of them is weight. A Spray Deck adds 600-700g and an open boat is less complicated to transport and get into. There are no loose parts such as the coaming and skirt, and in warmer climates without serious whitewater paddling deck-free provides a greater sense of freedom. Many packrafters are happy to avoid assembling a Spray Deck. 
The Ponto is manufactured from same material and uses the same construction methods as other packrafts by MRS (like the Microraft or the Adventure X2 ) and so is no less robust. The Ponto is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization. The excellent adhesive strength of the coating makes the Pono’s hull extremely durable. The smooth and shiny surface is very scratch resistant and easy to repair. The construction of the tubes and floor exceeds the strength of the fabric making the Ponto proportionally very tough for its weight, certainly a lot tougher than their weight and packed size would suggest. It require virtually no maintenance and we provide an extended warranty of three years.
No inflatable is indestructible of course, but in the unlikely event of sustaining damage, repairs can be done in the field with Anfibio Life Patch which bonds permanently to the urethane surface. Small pinholes can be sealed with Stormsure, a liquid urethane sealant.


Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Standard seat (horseshoe), backrest
  • Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)


  • Tubes: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
  • Floor:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
  • Sear: Nylon 210D/118T laminated  


Parallel sided hull, flat bow, elongated stern, 2 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops, 3 inside grap loops, main dump valve.

The Ponto is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization. 

Speed: 4,5 km/h

Buoyancy: 220kg


Thermowelded, sewn seams (tubes), glued floor with thermowelded tapes


Boat: 3240g
Seat: 200g (removable)

Pack strap: 25g
Inflation bag: 130g
Repair Kit: 50g



  •  Length: 136cm
  •  Width: 42cm


  • Length: 268cm
  • Width: 102cm
  • Waterline: 230cm
  • Tube diameter: 30cm

Packing size: about 35cm x 20cm (similar to a one person tent)

Available colors: Forrest green


Author:   Gast on 05/02/2019
Evaluation:  5 of 5 Stars!

Zum Thema Reisen mit Hund

Ausgerstet mit zwei Packrafts sind wir mit Hund von Kiruna, zum Groteil weglos ber das Sjaunja Naturreservat, zum Kungsleden gewandert. Mit den Booten haben wir die dazwischen liegenden Gewsser berquert. Anschlieend sind wir den Kungsleden von Saltoluokta ber Kvikkjokk, Ammarns nach Trnaby sdwrts gewandert. Fr die Gesamte Strecke von ungefhr 500 km haben wir 20 Tage bentigt. Die Nchte haben wir unter unserem selbst genhten Tarp verbracht. Die zahlreichen Seen auf dem Kungsleden haben wir mit unseren Packrafts berquert und waren so nicht auf die Hilfe von Bootstaxis angewiesen. Nach dieser Tour knnen wir das Ponto (Vorgngerversion) uneingeschrnkt fr das Reisen mit Hund empfehlen.

Wir haben unsere Reise in einem kurzen Video zusammengefasst. Es ist bei youtube unter "Packrafting Sjaunja und Kungsleden mit Hund" zu finden,

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