MRS Adventure X2

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MRS Adventure X2

The Adventure X2 is a fully functional two-person raft that works best paddled canoe style. It also makes a flexible and roomy solo boat. Also with Internal Storage System (ISS) and/or removable spraydeck available!

The Adventure X2 is a packrafting double resp. a roomy single! With its dimensions of 173cm/305cm (inner/outer) and 31cm tubes it provides more comfort (floor space), great buoyancy (big loads) and good acceleration (hull speed), while weighing still in the range of 3,65kg (without seats). The Adventure X2 is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization. It is also with  Internal Storage System(ISS) and/or with (removable) spraydeck available! 

The Adventure X2 is a much versatile packraft. It fulfils two roles:

The Adventure X2 (‘by two’) is a fully functional two-person packraft. The boat is comfortable for two people while being compact enough to create the necessary central mass (avoiding twists in the a low pressure craft).

The Adventure X2 also qualifies as a spacious solo boat for those needing to transport high-volume loads: extra baggage, travel with children, taking bikes ("bikerafting"), travelling with dogs or any other need for extended space (such as fishing and hunting). The Adventure X2 is a true freighter among packrafts.

Weight and packed size are similar to a single packraft (3,65 kg without seats, 3,9kg in single mode, 4,1kg fully outfitted). The option of paddling with a partner provides a sweet weight/performance ratio.

Characteristics and Use

The Adventure X2 is a true a packraft, ideal for amphibious travel, best suited to still and calm floating water. The long waterline provides increased speed (6 km/h) and good tracking. The high-volume bow and the large, paralle side tubes provide great buoyancy (260kg).

Nevertheless, the boat can handle class I-II wave trains just fine. When carrying two paddlers it is not a specific white water boat however!

If used as a single the Adventure X2 is as white water worthy as other packrafts (class II-III). Performance is limited only by the lack of the spray deck and the long hull (less maneuverable and limited rigidity). Yet, body fit is actually quite good, thanks the front seat used as a foot brace.

Used as a double we recommend paddling canoe style facing forward; an efficient and elegant stroke with a good posture. Doing so simultaneously ensures straight tracking and a single-bladed paddle is also lighter. Of course it is possible to use a double-bladed kayak paddle when paddling solo or with the partner. 

The raft is inflated with a big nylon inflation bag which attaches to the boat via a screw-in valve. Scoop up air and push it into the boat.


Your Adventure X2 will be shipped with three different seats to provide variable seating configurations. 

The front seat is a block tied in to produce an elevated position when using the boat as a double (ideal for canoe style paddling) or featuring a foot brace for the soloist.
The seat configuration in the back is a combination of the standard horseshoe and a flat seat used together to gain an elevated position, again for efficient single blade paddling. Used as a single or with a kayak paddle, the standard seat can be used in the classic way.
Fitting two people AND two large packs can by tricky at times. Purists will forgo the seats and sit on their baggage which saves weight and space. 
Material info
Like all Packrafts the MRS Adventure X2 is made from urethan coated nylon of excellent adhesive strength. As such being light, abrasion resistant, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures. The smooth and flexible fabric is a lot tougher than the boats weight and pack size would indicate. However, reparability or adding attachment is the same as similar fabrics using LifePatchStormsure or Helaplast.
Manufacturer info
MRS (Micro Rafting System) produces water sports equipment in far east. Manufacturing is carried out in small batches (handbuilt products). The packraftss are a recent addition to a range of full-size rafts and inflatable kayaks. All MRS products have a three-year warranty.

One of the most versatile packrafts at all, for moving water, still water and moderate whitewater. Not a lot heavier than a single, but capable to take a partner. A classic for combined trips on water and land.


Internal Storage System (ISS) - Information to the optional cargo zipper (choose with color)

Front Backrest (choose above)


Adventure X2, packing size


Adventure X2,  "by two" 


Adventure X2, used solo


Adventure X2, versatile used


Adventure X2, can be paddled with paddle in kayaking or canoeing styl


Adventure X2, ample space

Adventure X2, availabel with optional backrest


Ships with:

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Variable front seat (bar)
  • 1 standard back (seat (baffled)
  • Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)


  • Schläuche: UPN35 Nylon 210D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
  • Boden:UPN35 Nylon 420D/67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU double
  • Sitz: Nylon 210D/118T laminated  


Parallel sided hull, flat bow, elongated stern, relaxed fit, 2 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops, 3 inside grap loops, main dump valve. The Adventure X2 is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization and also with Internal Storage System (ISS) and/or removable spraydeck available!

Speed: 6 km/h

Buoyancy: 260kg


Thermowelded, sewn seams (tubes), glued floor with thermowelded tapes, thermowelded,


Boat: 3650g
Seats: 390g

Backrest front: 310g
Backrest rear: 60g

Boot complete: 4410g  (with 2 seats and both backrests)

Pack strap: 25g
Inflation bag: 130g
Repair Kit: 20g

Package: 4575g



  •  Length: 173cm
  •  Width: 35cm


  • Length: 305cm
  • Width: 97cm
  • Waterline: 260cm
  • Tube diameter: 31cm

Packing size: about 35 x 25cm (similar to a two person tent)

Available colors

Royal  Blue, Forrest Green, Luminous Red


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