MRS Nomad S1 light

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MRS Nomad S1 light

The Nomad S1 light achieves the highest speed among the single packrafts due to its special shape. The open boat offers a pack size and weight suitable for backpacks.

The Nomad S1 light combines the touring capability and speed of the standard Nomad S1 (incl. spraydeck) with a travel-friendly weight and pack size. Due to the weight saving of about one kilogram and a significantly reduced pack size, the Nomad S1 light is also suitable for combined land and water tours and allows enough space in the backpack for further equipment. The Nomad S1 light is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization.
The Nomad S1 light is characterized by its central seating position and the symmetrical bow and stern and is therefore similar to a conventional kayak resp. its paddling characteristics. Furthermore the shape of the stern provides luggage capacity behind the seat. Due to the length of almost 3m a high speed is achieved, which provides more fun on longer paddle tours. 
The Nomad S1 light is an open boat without spraydeck. There are no loose parts such as the coaming and skirt. The transport of bigger things (e.g. backpacks, bicycles) is simplified. The seat can be varied to a certain extent in its position and adapted to your own body size.
In temperate climates without serious whitewater paddling deck-free provides a greater sense of freedom. Especially in rather calm waters you can easily do without a cover, above all in summer. For the colder months of the year it is also possible to combine the boat with an additional dry suit to protect against the wet. 
The absence of the integrated fin has a positive effect on the pack size of the boat. In most cases, the Nomad S1 light is long enough to ensure straight-line stability. In addition, there is the option of retrofitting the boat with a removable fin.
Furthermore, the Nomad S1 light is equipped with a foam backrest, which ensures a comfortable sitting posture even on longer trips. The backrest is adjustable over several points so that the Packraft is suitable for paddlers of different sizes. The almost indestructible foam material also ensures a further weight reduction compared to the standard backrest.
The boat is ideal for solo or group tours, even with conventional hardshell kayaks and canoes. Due to the missing spraydeck the boat is especially suitable for longer paddle tours on calm waters and is a good choice for tours with a hiking part. 
Typical areas of use include touring the extensive lakes in Scandinavia, coast hopping in southern Europe, large rivers on all continents, but also urban areas like the canals of Amsterdam.
For good performance and safety it is important to pay attention to the right air pressure (especially in cold water). Because of the dynamics in a long hull and central seating position, too low pressure can lead to distortions and bends of the hull. If full pressure cannot be achieved by your own lung power, we recommend a small pump.

Ships with

  • Pack strap
  • Inflation bag
  • Comfort seat
  • foam backrest(adjustable)
  • Spare tube and floor patches
  • Manual


  • Tubes: UPN35Nylon210D/67T*55T90AEsterTPUdouble
  • Floor:UPN35Nylon 420D/67T*55T90AEsterTPUdouble
  • Seat: Nylon210D/118T laminated


Streamlined, symmetric hull, sharp bow and long stern, central seating position, low rocker (long water line), slim fit, 4 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops. Main, non-return valve.

The Nomad S1 light is part of theMRS StreamlineSLoptimization.


Triple construction: sewn with high-tensile thread; heat-welded tubes; contact glued floor with taped edges. This creates a bond that ‘s stronger than the hull fabric.




Boat: 3450g
Backrest: 150g

Boat complete: 3800g
Pack strap: 25g
Inflation bag: 130g
Repair kit: 20g



Total length: 170cm
Seat lengh: 140cm
Width at hips: 33cm


Length: 295cm
Width: 87cm
Waterline: 270cm

Tube diameter: 27cm
Packing size: ~ 35 x 20cm

Color:Forrest green, royal blue, luminous red