Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider Pack (Black edition)

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear 4400 Windrider Pack (Black edition)

Lightweight (~1,1 kg), large-volume (70l), extra robust (150den) backpack with 25 kg load rating and non absorbent fabric. Ideal for Packrafting. Black edition.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) packs have long been a favourite among prominent packrafters and multisport adventurers pushing the limits of their activity, people such as Forrest McCarthy, Roman Dial and Luc Mehl. These are the main reasons:

HMG packs use a unique Dyneema Composite Fabric fabric. Along with its exceptional weight-to-strength ratio, it readily sheds water which means the material is not only waterproof but won’t ‘wet out’ (absorb) and so gain weight. This makes the Windrider 4400 well suited to packrafting and other wet activities and also means you can forgo the nuisance of a rain cover. The fully taped seams and tight roll-top closure ensures the Windrider remains totally rain proof, although for rough water stages we recommend an additional liner for vulnerable items.

For ultralight packs, the HMG pack features an exceptional load-carrying capacity. HMG packs of this size can carry over 25 kg, which for a 1,1 kilo pack is outstanding. The ability to achieve this while maintaining stability and day-long comfort is down to the rigid back panel, additional aluminium stays as well as a fixed hip belt. You can count on direct load transfer to the hips; key to portaging heavy loads efficiently.

Until recently, the Porter 3400 and 4400 (formerly known as the ‘Expedition Pack’) were the preferred packs for high-load transport activities such as packrafting. The Porter was the only HMG pack with a 70-litre (4400 cubic inch) volume, but we found the slim design made the pack difficult to use, especially with a boat. We also missed the classic outer mesh pockets for easily storing paddles and wet clothes, while other 3400-inch packs were simply too small. By extending the 4400-line at HMG to all styles, these reservations have been eliminated with the Windrider. Long regarded as the flagship pack and voted ‘Best Ultralight Pack’ by Backpacker Magazine, it’s now available in a useful 70 litre capacity and can be considered the ideal raftpack.

As well as providing a lower centre of gravity, the wider base allows easier interior storage including the packraft, and so keeps stuff from snagging on passing brush or rocks. Thanks to the very long extension collar and the roll-top closure as well as five compression straps, the full 70-litre capacity is variable and the contents always snug. Other features are:
  • Classic mesh pockets can transport paddles, wet clothes, water bottles as well as quick-access items.
  • Cunningly integrated hip belt pockets can carry snacks, electronics and the like.
  • For the weight and volume it can carry, this is the lightest pack around.
  • Proper harness ensures correct load distribution and day-long comfort
The ultralight central vessel of the Windrider is constructed with 100% waterproof Dyneema® Composite Fabrics. The external mesh pockets provide ample room for the equipment you’ll want access to without having to open your pack and dig, and they’re great for drying out wet clothing as you go.

  • Packrafting!
  • Winter trips
  • Outdoor with family
  • Expedition style trekking
  • Long trips around the world
The 4400 volume size (70L) is ideal for four-season, weekend, section, or thru hikes where resupply points are less frequent, bulkier cold weather gear is required, or the route calls for a packraft to complete it. The 4400 can carry it all.
Black edition

The Windrider 4400 Black is made of 150den Dyneema Composite Fabric in all parts (bottom and main compartment). This ensures exceptional robustness at a relatively low weight (1.1kg). The Black edition corresponds to the standard version of the Windrider 4400 in black Dyneema Composite Fabric.

Volume: 40-70 L

Colour: black

Weight: 1106 g (medium)

Load: 15-25 kg. Max. 27 kg

Material: double reinforced 150D black Dyneema Composite Fabric  (base, body), mesh (external pockets). Dyneema Composite is a complex, pressure-bonded composite laminate incorporating super-thin polyethylene filaments sandwiched between polyester film.

Construction: fully tape sealed side seams, bar tack reinforcements on all stress points, stitched with bonded tex 69 thread, using all HMG technologies.


  • Extra long roll top closure for flexible volume
  • 3 big interior mesh pockets (+ 10 L outside)
  • 5 compression straps (4 side, one Y-Top) 
  • 2 removable, shaped aluminium stays
  • Back panel frame/sheet with foam back panel pad
  • Internal mesh hydration sleeve, hydration port
  • Cushioned shoulder straps and hip belts, padded lumbar support
  • 2 rainproof hip-belt pockets
  • elastic sternum strap
  • Four exterior triglide buckles for optional pack accessory straps
  • Ice Axe loop
  • Internal plastic frame sheet for added back panel support
  • 1/4” foam back panel pad
  • Roll-Top closure system with side compression straps for vertical compression
  • Side compression straps for horizontal compression
  • Top Y-strap compression -- Designed to secure gear
  • Adjustable sternum strap with self-tensioning elastic
  • Hydro port and internal mesh hydro sleeve
  • Four exterior triglide buckles for optional pack accessory straps
  • Proprietary seam sealing on all side seams and behind all sewn-on pack features

Sizing (torso length):

Small:  up to 43 cm

Medium: up to 48 cm

Large: up to 50 cm

X-Large: more than 50 cm

Measure from neck to hip bone. If between sizes choose the larger! 



Fiel report by David H.

Are HMG Packs 100% waterproofe? HMG CFO, Dan St. Pierre, tries packrafting for the first time.

"Directly after the Summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Mike (HMG CEO) and I headed up to Wyoming to paddle the Grey's River with a couple of HMG Ambassadors. Despite some Class 3 swimming, it was a great trip and a lot of fun and I highly recommend giving this burgeoning sport a try!"

“Due to some confusion in the marketplace regarding the waterproofness of Cuben fiber packs, and after packrafting for the first time a month ago and flipping my boat too many times, I’d like to comment on the waterproof characteristics of HMG Packs.

While Cuben fiber is 100% waterproof, we never say HMG Packs are 100% waterproof – although they are very highly waterproof. Approximately 90% of seams are sealed, but there are two seams with technically different structures that cannot be sealed. After a hard rain or soaking a pack while packrafting, a user might experience a few tablespoons of water inside the pack. I find that some users are not accustomed to seeing this because traditional packs will absorb water and not be noticeable inside the pack. Since Cuben fiber does not absorb water, any small amount that does get inside the pack will noticeably remain at the bottom until the pack is emptied or the water drains. But personally, I don’t mind at all because the pack is not absorbing water, it is not getting heavier from absorption, it does not stay wet and transfer moisture to my other gear over an extended period of time, and even after being submerged from the various times I flipped my boat, the pack dries very quickly.

From my direct experience, the solution for keeping crucial gear (sleeping bag, clothes and food) 100% dry in a Cuben fiber backpack is to use Cuben fiber Stuff Sacks. Cuben Stuff Sacks are virtually weightless, and coupled with an HMG Pack, will provide that watertight system everyone seeks. They kept all my gear dry while my overturned boat repeatedly floated downstream ahead of me!”