Anfibio UltraLight

Anfibio packrafts not only stand for their sustainability and innovation, but also consistently follow the ultralight concept in their robust design. The brand is therefore, among other things, the 'ultralighter' in the packrafting world. This information page therefore focusses in particular on this aspect.

But what does "ultralight" actually mean?

This question can only be answered by comparison.

The decisive factor is the balance between robustness and weight. We always strive for the lightest in the respective class or the strongest at a comparable weight.

A good example of this is our material variants, which do not differ in terms of quality, but are each optimised for specific purposes.

We are also on the (ultra)light side with our stronger Plus(+) material variant. With the stated specifications and values, the Plus(+) material is lighter than the alternatives on the market. However, our standard material is stronger than the weight in comparison would suggest.

What makes Anfibio Packrafts comparatively light?

TPU is an industry standard with properties such as ageing resistance, abrasion resistance, weldability and UV tolerance. With proprietary materials, the thickness, surface area and composition vary considerably.

A real lightweight: Anfibio Packrafts are the lightest in their class

Our TPU coating is transparent and saves weight by eliminating colour pigments. The colours come from the nylon fabric underneath, which is already dyed. This one-sided coating reduces weight and still supports tear resistance.

Another aspect of our ultra-lightweight design is the adhesive-free construction. Adding glue would increase weight, so Anfibio Packrafts are 100% environmentally friendly welded.

The shape of Anfibio boats is mostly slim and symmetrical, optimised for buoyancy, payload and space in relation to weight. Shape variations and additions are also possible depending on the intended use.

Anfibio boats offer functional or optional equipment that has clear and often multiple functions. Unnecessary features are avoided, while desirable options are available.

Selection and design based on measurements and figures

The coating (TPU) in combination with the fibres (nylon) give packrafts its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio

Anfibio packrafts are characterised by clear design, adhesive-free construction and practical features

What is the result?

All Anfibio packrafts have a basic weight per person of less than 3 kg, often less than 2 kg, in some cases even less than 1 kg and an extra small pack size. As mentioned at the beginning, the focus is on the robustness-to-weight ratio with the aim of achieving the lightest in its class or the most robust at a comparable weight.

Anfibio packrafts are not only ultralight, but also prioritise sustainability and innovation. You can find out more about this on our brand page

The Anfibio Nano RTC is one of the lightest packrafts at around one kilogramme

Photo: Alan Klee

In addition to a low weight, Anfibio packrafts impress with their ultra-small pack size

Every Anfibio boat is ultralight, but always robust enough for its intended use

Photo: Lutz Rössiger