Packrafts & more


Lightweight, inflatable and sturdy backpacking boats for the combination of hiking and paddling, e.g., travelling between on water and land. Please also check our comparison chart.


Highly collapsible and low weight paddles for easy transportation in a backpack. If whitewater, flatwater or trekking applications, the choice is yours. Please also check our comparison chart.

Floatation vests

A floatation vest is the essential accessory in any watersports no different to packrafting, whether ultralight and minimal pack size or with extra features for extreme whitewater.

Packs and Bags

This section contains all the essentials for the "pack" aspect of packrafting, especially suitable backpacks and drybags, but also carrier bags, deck packs, paddle bags and mobile phone covers.


Inflatable floors, foot rests, sails, fishing sets, filters, thigh straps, lines, pumps, other add-ons and extras for the extended use of packrafts and for special needs.


Dry suits, dry trousers, neoprene socks, gloves and shirts. Depending on the conditions, especially the water temperature, it is safer and more fun to be properly dressed.


Safety equipment for the packrafter like helmets and throw bags for rescue and protection. This section includes our own products and selected articles by third-party suppliers.

Books & Co

Useful and interesting articles about packrafting in print version: own publications, books/travel guides, stickers and more.

Repair materials

Contact glue, special tape and liquid urethan sealer for repairs in the field and at home. Also, for special gluing jobs such as attaching accessories (grab loops etc.).


Seats, valves, inflation bags, spray skirts etc. These parts usually come with your boat. They can be replaced in case of damage or loss, they function as a backup or for any other use.