Our packrafts and paddles at a glance: all models, all data, everything in one document! The comparision charts provide a complete overview and all measured comparative data of our entire range of packrafts and paddles. Perfect for download.

Here you will find answers to general questions about the equipment in use. From choosing a packraft to assembling, repairs and maintenance. Special issues such as paddling with a dog or fitting a fin are also covered.

How do you inflate a packraft without a pump? It's very simple, the boat is inflated using an special nylon bag, which is used to fill air into the packraft. We explain exactly how the process works in our video instructions.

Depending on the intended use, packrafts can be equipped with different types of spray decks or configured as an open boat. Self-bailing boats are a special case. Spray decks are useful against rain, cold, splashing water and waves. Click here for more details.

Traditionally, luggage is tied across the bow of the packraft and carried in this way. More advanced transport systems such as TubeBags, Internal Storage System or Roll Top Closure offer more flexibility in terms of handling and transport capacity.

All models from our partner brand MRS have a flow-optimised shape. This means that despite the round hull that is typical for packraft boats, special cutting elements are used. This means they perform equally well in flat water and white water.

Anfibio packrafts not only stand for their sustainability and innovation, but also consistently follow the ultralight concept in their robust design. The brand is therefore, among other things, the 'ultralighter' in the packrafting world. This information page therefore focusses in particular on this aspect.

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