MRS StreamLine

All models* in our MRS Packraft range now have a flow-optimised shape. This means that despite a packraft’s typical round-sided hull, special cutting elements are used to refine the profile. These subtleties may only be recognizable at second glance, but they do have an effect. 

Flow-optimised shape

1. Bow shape

By inflatable boat standards MRS packrafts feature a ‘sharp’ bow. It is recognizable both from above  – a pronounced V – as well as the side profile, giving a pronounced corner or edge instead of a rounded rocker. It has the following effect:

a) By limiting the bow wave a lower resistance in flat water results in better gliding

b) Reduced loss of speed when encountering waves and sweeping water intersections in white water, giving more precise control.

Edged stem avoiding the bow wave

Sharp, destinctive bow on a Microraft

2. Straight Bottom

MRS hulls have a flat floor line compared to traditional packrafts. This cut of the tube avoids the formation of a vortex which increases drag. Together with the long waterline**, this results in a smooth water flow for:

a) higher average speeds on calm water

b) fast sprints, good ferrying speed and controllable surfing on white water

Straight lower hull, low turbulence

Traditional, profiled version with vortex formation

3. High volume stern

The stern of the new MRS StreamLineSL also features additional volume but maintains a flat shape for a balanced water line which:

a) improves buoyancy and stability in white water

b) reduces displacement resistance in the calm water 

Larger stern for balanced water position


Packrafts will certainly never become as slim and sleek as hardshells, but with the MRS StreamLineSL the era of ‘fatrafts’ is over. Conveniently they still remain ‘do-it-all’ boats which perform as well on shallow water as white water. Of course different models* will exhibit individual characteristics whether focused towards primarily calm or white water use. The primary focus on speed, comfort and fun while maintaining the whitewater potential (the heritage of traditional packrafts) will certainly fulfill the wishes of many packrafts and not just special athletes.

This includes sitting comfortably for effective paddling. By adjusting the height, position and backrest (seat trimming) you can fine tune your boat’s seating position to your needs.

*Alligator 2S, Nomad S1, Barracuda R2, Adventure X2, also Microraft and Ponto to a some extent.
** The MRS line now equals modern Riverrunner from a white water kayak’s area (265cm).

Streamlined Alligator 2S (with rocker)

Streamlined Microraft (no rocker)

Streamlined Nomad S1

Change of seat height and inside width