Anfibio MultiLeash

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Anfibio MultiLeash

The Anfibio Multi Leash is designed as a multifunctional safety, towing and carrying leash for use on land and water. The elastic part and the versatile attachment options of carabiners or straps make it flexible to use.

The Anfibio Multi Leash, like its name, is designed for multifunctional use on land and water. The various fastening options and the elastic material offer the greatest possible flexibility.


Typical application scenarios for the Anfibio MultiLeash are: 

  • Rescue rope (to pull a boat without a paddler, saving or haul material)
  • Boat leash (for attaching a boat to a fixed object, e.g. jetty, tree or similar)
  • Towing line (to tow a second paddler/boat)
  • Carrying strap for bags, e. g. Anfibio DeckPack
  • Paddle leash (paddle attachment to the boat to prevent loss on the water)*

*The securing of a paddle is only recommended for open waters and running waters without white water grade as well as for securing the paddle when taking a break. 


The Anfibio MultiLeash consists of elastic core and tear restistant webbing with an integrated, sewn loop and an additional oval ring at each end. The delivery also includes a velcro strap at one end. Depending on the use scenario, the MultiLeash can be supplemented with additional carabiners** and/or straps (not included). This allows for quick and flexible attachment to any object (e.g. paddle, boat or bag).

Due to the elastic part of the webbing, the MultiLeash can be stretched from 100cm to a maximum of 170cm and thus offers enough flexibility for most applications.

As a universal accessory, the Anfibio MultiLeash should not be missing in any packing equipment.

****For use in white water, only locking carabiners (screwing cap) should be used.

Material: Polyester webbing, polyester/elastodiene core, PVC oval rings on each side, Velcro on one side.

relaxed: 100 cm
elongated: 170 cm

Minimum Breaking Strength: 15kN

Weight: 90 g