Anfibio MultiMat (esp. for Sigma TX, and others)

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Anfibio MultiMat (esp. for Sigma TX, and others)

Inflatable floor mat for the Anfibio Sigma TX and other packrafts with minimum internal length of 160 cm. Stiffens the bottom and the entire boat for better gliding, insulates against cold and wet, increases the seating position and paddling comfort. Can also be used as a sleeping mat.

The inflatable floor mat is available as an accessory for the Anfibio Sigma TX (and other packrafts) to significantly enhance its paddling characteristics, comfort and range of use.

Construction and use

The mat is not only inserted, but jams itself into the boat. Ideally, first the mat and then the boat is inflated. Properly wedged in, it gives the hull much more shape and rigidity. A total of 9 chambers are separated by baffles, which provides the according surface area and stability.

The regular seats (Anfibio PackSeat or LightSeat) are placed on top and can be attached by two 50 cm long straps at the end of the mat. However, if weight is to be saved, it is also possible to skip extra seats and use only the floor mat or luggage as a seating substitute. Please note, the Anfibio WideSeat or similarly dimensioned seats do not harmonise with the floor mat.

The mat's valve is compatible with both the Anfibio boat's inflatable bag and the hand pump, but can also be fully inflated by lung.

Features and application

The MultiMat gives a packraft the following characteristics and advantages:

  • elevated seating position for better overview, more boat control and higher paddling comfort
  • tight, stiff bottom for more stability, glidng and speed
  • more insulation as protection against cold water and ground contact (especially on the feet)
  • more buoyancy, higher freeboard in waves and splashy water
  • additional buoyancy device as separate chamber for extra safety

An inflatable floor mat is particularly suitable for trips with children, dogs, large luggage, use of the packraft in easy white water and generally for tours where the additional weight (920 g) and pack size (38x10 cm) can be accepted for more paddling comfort and better gliding characteristics (especially packrafting tours with a high paddling ratio).


The Anfibio MultiMat is designed for the Anfibio Sigma TX, but also fits other packrafts. The internal dimensions should be at least 160 cm (see comparison chart). The floor mat has proven itself especially in the Anfibio Sigma TXL and Anfibio Omega C2.

If the width of the mat is a problem (in our range this is the case with the MRS series, possibly also with other brands), the mat can be easily modified. The outer chambers can be welded with a standard iron. This means that the MultiMat is also compatible with the narrower MRS Barracuda R2, Adventure X2 or Nomad S1, for example.

In addition, the 190 cm long, 10cm high mat can be used as a sleeping or sitting mat. On tours lasting several days you can do without an additional mat and save on luggage.

Dimensions (while inflated): 190 cm x 59 cm x 10 cm

Packsize: 38 x 10 cm

Construction: a total of 9 chambers, each separated by baffles (not only just welded through), main one-way valve (compatible with Anfibio inflatable bag and hand pump), two 50 cm long straps to fix seats at the ends of the mat

Material: 210den Nylon with TPU coating on one side

Weight: 920 g

Color: black