Anfibio Rody - fishing rod holder

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Anfibio Rody - fishing rod holder

Lightweight rod holder for trolling with packrafts and other inflatable boats.

Packrafting goes Fishing!

It has always been popular to combine packrafting with fishing since you can easily reach that secret spot! However, it has also been difficult to store your fishing gear since a packraft is rather small and needs to be steered actively.

The Anfibio Rody Fishing Rod was especially designed for the use on packrafts. Mount your fishing rod in a proper way to your packraft or another inflatable boat. Easy to take along on the next trip. The construction is simple but effective and sturdy. It allows hands free trolling and regular fishing.

It consists of three parts:
1) holding tube D=40mm (for holding the fishing rod),  2) two Strap Plate mounts for attaching to the boat, 3) two FlexStraps to keep it together.

The two Strap Plates must be glued to the boat. The glue is not included and must be choosen separately. The glue can only be shipped to the listed countries. A special "how to"-tutorial for glueing is provided in our blog: (in German, but Google-translation works well, see option page top right).

We recommend attaching the fishing rod holder behind the paddler at one side of the boat. The tip of the rod should point backwards and approximately be in the boat’s axis when the rod is pocketed into the tube. This way the fishing rod can be towed without impeding the paddling.

Tight lines!

Weight: 80g (complete set)

Length: 20cm

Diameter: 40mm

Material: PE

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