Anfibio SplitSuit

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Anfibio SplitSuit

The Anfibio SplitSuit is a dry suit that can be separated into the upper and lower part. The pants can be worn individually. The overlap at the hip makes the suit very adaptable in movement. It remains 100% waterproof.

Ordering note

You can choose a SplitSuit in stock under "configuration' with set options (size/color/features). If you want a specific selection (production on demand), delivery time will be about 3 weeks at the moment.
General info
The Anfibio SplitSuit is a unisex dry suit that can be separated into the upper and lower part. The pants can be worn individually. The overlap at the hip makes the suit very adaptable in movement. It remains 100% waterproof. Regular underwear (for example from hiking) can easily be kept underneath.
Due to the ringseal closure at the hip, the SplitSuit is very quick and easy to get on or off, e.g. to relieve yourself (also for women). The hip overlap adjusts to individual body-height as well as different positions, such as standing, sitting, squatting.
The SplitSuit is recommended for high performance packrafters and paddlers who require unmatched comfort and robustness over long periods of time in difficult conditions but is also ideal for casual paddlers alike. A variety of options (see below) makes the SplitSuit highly customizable.
The Anfibio SplitSuit provides year-round usewherever you are in the world such as in high latitudes where a dry suit is indispensable.
The neck gasket can be made of latex* or soft neoprene for bombproof seal or instant comfort. 
The latex seal’s tightness is in order to ensure a watertight fit for paddlers with slim neck so make sure to try it on at home before use to allow the latex to sufficiently stretch.If required, you can pre-stretch the suit by leaving it overnight in a 10-litre bucket of water. You can also trim the cone-shaped seal to increase the diameter by 2-mm increments.
The Softneoprene option offers an ideal seal for brief immersions but due to the nature of the material, 100% waterproofness cannot be guaranteed during extended swims. For that reason we recommend latex for extreme conditions and neoprene for more casual use.
Latex cuffs or enclosed socks
Enclosed socks (latex or fabric) enable dry feet in the water and make dressing easier (no tight ankle cuffs), but for walking they're not as durable. For packrafting a flexible combination would be latex cuffs with extra socks. Enclosed fabric socks are breathable and lighter, but are less durable than from latex. 
*UV-light, sun cream and mechanical stress will cause latex seals to wear out over time, but the seals can easily be exchanged (also available as a Service). For care we recommend  McNett UVtech.
Optional hood

The (removable) hood provides protection against inclement weather both in and out of the water enabling you to extend your boating season even further.

Each SplitSuit’s material and workmanship is identical to our Anfibio Packsuit and are made to order in Germany.

Weight: 990g (Size M, neoprene neck, fabric socks)

Pack size: 20*15 cm

Material: 3-Layer System (Nylon, microporous membran, Polyester), taped seams

Cuffs: Latex (wrist, ankle, neck) or smooth neoprene (neck) 

Zipper: TiZip  Ringseal (air- and waterthight), separable

Breathability: 25.000 g/m²/24h

Waterproofness: 15.000 mm

Cut: regular fit with enough room for underclothing

Ships with: Suit, T-Zip care, pack strap

Colors: black red, gray, yellow/black, red/black, gray/black

Sizing (mind difference to other models like Anfibio Packsuit and ZipSuit due to varying cut)






Height (cm)

up to 170

up to 180

up to 190

up tp 198

If you are not quite sure about your size, use our helpful sizing guide to measure yourself in detail and send the specs via order comment. We will then select the appropriate size and make it for you. We also offer custom/tailoring according to your personal specs upon request at an extra cost (50€ extra per measure, max. 150€). 

IMPORTANT - rule of thumb for checking the measures:
measure 1 + measure 2 + 25cm = measure 7 (± 2cm)

measure 1 = 63cm
measure 2 = 93cm
measure 7 = 180cm

63cm + 93cm + 25cm = 181cm (180cm + 1cm)

The ascertained reference value is 1cm above measure 7. So the ascertained measures are consistent.



Made in Germany