Inflation process

How do you inflate the boat without a pump? Packrafts come with a light nylon bag with a screw nozzle in the bottom which is attached to the raft. The boat is inflated by scooping air into the bag (using a breeze helps), then sealing the bag’s open end and squashing the air into the boat. After about ten ‘scoops’ the raft is 90% inflated. Now unscrew the inflation bag, screw in the cap quickly then top off the pressure using the mouth valve. You’ll find an illustration below.

1. Unpack the boat, remove (unmount) the valve. 

2. Mount the inflation bag (adapter) on the boat.

3. Catch the air, mind screwed bag.

4. Quickly close the inflation bag by hand (screw sticks on upper end).

5. Press the air into the boat, repeat upon fully inflated.

6. Remove the inflation bag (unscrew adapter).

7. Quickly close the boat by mounting/screwing the main valve.

8. Inflate the rest by mounth (one-way valve) with maximum power, until fully pressurized, close cap.

9. Alternatively you can use a hand pum.

9. At cold water one needs to repeat this due to tempering air after a while.

10. Do not leave the boat in hot sun afterwards.