MRS Microraft (with removable Spraydeck)

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MRS Microraft (with removable Spraydeck)

The packraft with fully removable spraydeck and different sizes. Good workmenship, robust material and fair value. Also available with Internal Storage System (ISS).

The compact Microraft is a real ‘land and water’ packraft: light enough to carry and well suited to traversing mountain lakes and fjords. Go geocaching, fishing and hunting. It excels on river walks and is also capable of whitewater.

  • excellent workmanship (sewn and welded seams, taped floor)
  • a high level of equipment (grab loops, seat/backrest, one way valve)
  • robust and flexible fabric - see info below
  • well-proven shape with the typical elongated stern
  • part of the MRS StreamlineS 
  • also available with Internal Storage System (ISS)
Spraydeck with velcro and zipper (removable)
Spraydecks come in handy against rain, cold, splashing water and waves. It is a must in real white water. With spraydeck the character of the boat enhances.
The removable deck is attached to the boat on three sides with a zipper. On the left side it is closed with a Velcro fastener and sealed to the body with an elastic band. It can also be completely removed if necessary. This kind of spraydeck is comfortable to open and close. It is not 100% leak proof, but it is adequate in moderate conditions. The inflatable ‘cod piece’ eliminates water pooling in the lap. The Velcro fastener is susceptible to soiling. But it is often perceived as less technical and more flexible because without any coaming the boat assembles and packs faster. It is good for a relaxed paddling style.
Choice of size
The MRS Microraft is available in two sizes:
Large/Extra Large: inner dimension: 35cm/125cm, 28cm tube diameter, up to 192cm height
Small/Medium: inner dimension: 31cm/120cm, 25cm tube diameter, up to 180cm height 
In the standard size L/XL, the additional width in the inner and outer dimensions makes itself felt in a more comfortable or capsize-safe (forgiving) paddleing behaviour. The inside width can be used over the entire length of 125cm (incl. footwell) due to parallel side tubes. This also makes it suitable for larger, heavier persons and/or for bigger water. 
For smaller/lighter people, the S/M size is suitable, with a narrower inner width and shorter inner length for good boat control. In addition, the saved material reduces the packing size and total weight of the boat.
Like all Packrafts the MRS Mircoraft is made from urethan coated nylon, not PVC or Hypalon. As such being light, abrasion resistance, UV tolerant, non-aging and flexible at low temperatures.
However, it has a special treatment for with glossy, smooth, scratch resistant surface finish and single side coating. This creates a supple material for easy packing. Classified as technical (T)PU, including thermoplastic and other coating processes. Reparability (LifePatch, Stormsure, Helaplast or adding attachment loops is the same as similar fabrics. 

Convenient entry with removable spraydeck.

Strong, scratch resistant floor. 
Very good workmenship: sewn and welded seams,
sealed floor, clean tapes


Ships with removable Spraydeck

Pack strap
Inflation bag 
Seat and backrest (removable)
Repair kit (spare tube and floor material)

Tubes: 210-denier high-strengt Nylon with single side Urethane coating (3,2mil 67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU) and smooth surface finish (gloss), weathering resistant and anti-hydrolysis
Floor: 820-denier, high tear resistant  Nylon fibre with multiple urethane coating (5mil 67T*55T 90 A Ester TPU) and surface finish, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
Seat: 210-denier weaved Nylon with 2,8mil single-sided urethane coating, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis
Deck: 70D Ripstop-Nylon with 210D reinforcements, 2,4mil single-sided, transparent urethane coating, velcro and waterproof zipper, weathering resistant, anti-hydrolysis

symmetric hull, slightly upturned bow, elongated stern, body fit, 8 grab loops (6 outer, 2 inner), main dump valve (one way) and twist lock mouth valve
The MRS Microraft is part of the MRS StreamlineSoptimization and also available with Internal Storage System (ISS).

Thermowelded, sewn seams (tubes), glued floor with thermowelded tapes, thermowelded, taped deck

The following weights in order: Size S/M / Size  L/XL 
Boat: 2500g/2800g
Skirt: 350g/400g
Seat + backrest: 200 + 60g
Boat complete: 3080g/3440g
Pack strap: 25g
Inflation bag: 130g 
Repair set: 20g
Package complete: 3255g/3615g
The following dimensions in sequence: Size S/M / Size L/XL
         Length: 120cm/125cm
         Width at hips: 31cm/35cm
         Length: 230cm/240cm
         Width: 81cm/92cm
Waterline: 170cm/180cm
Tube diameter: 25cm/28cm
Packing size: about 30 x 20cm/40 x 25cm
Buoyancy: 120kg/150kg
Speed: 4,5 km/h

Participants at the RedBull AMPHIBIOUS race 2015! Test winner in Survival Magazin!

"The Packrafting Store has provided a great website and service. And postage only been 9€ to reach the outer Hebrides in Scotland was a relief and a credit to the store to ship my Microraft to me at such low cost. I was a little anxious on receiving my boat as never seeing the product. I was well impressed with the workmanship and quality of the rafts build.  Having been a sea kayaker and surf kayaker for 17 years and outdoor experience of 30 I've had my little boat packed with up to 5 days food and equipment making journey of up to 6 NM offshore in 2 meter swells including punching surf and winds of up to force 7 this little boat has performed perfectly. And am looking forward to many more journeys in my Microraft including bike rafting as the L/XL model can carry loads of 150 kg." Bennie Macdonald, Scotland

Jan Vincent Kleine /Sidetracked Magazine (Fine lines - at the fringe of comfort zone (Iceland)

Gerald Klamer  (Packrafting in Bolivien

Felix Koester ( first look [DE]

Matt Holands's first strokes (outdoorsMH)

Chris Scott reviews the MRS Microraft.

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