Anfibio Smash

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Anfibio Smash

The most rugged paddle in our assortment. Standard four-piece paddle with an indexed offset. It is a true whitewater paddle! 

The Anfibio Smash is completely redesigned to become even more whitewater worthy!

Length is reduced to 200cm for steep paddling (close to the boat) and  better power transmission (short leverage). It is made for high frequency paddling (strong currents). 

Shaft diameter is increased to 31mm for better grip and higher breaking strength as well as stiffness. Blades are made of composite material, that makes them:

  1. rugged (high breaking resistant)
  2. stiff (direct force transfer)
  3. light (low swing mass)
  4. smooth (little water binding)

The Anfibio Smash is a true a true whitewater paddle, specifically designed for the packrafting world to offer high performance. The high diameter shaft provides outstanding strength and stiffness while the large surface blades haul you through the pile and shrug off abuse. It still offers a light weight but breaking down into four pieces the Smash is also suited to backpackers who prefer a more robust paddle.

Character and use

Light! Stiff! Dependable! Whitewater is its terrain! Be it high volume, heavy water or technical creeking, the Anfibio Smash does it all. It features larger blades than our Anfibio Vertex to guarantee a solid catch on aerated water and is suited to high-angle paddlers on fast moving water. The Smash’s higher weight and larger blades means it’s still acceptable for touring as it’s one of the most rugged paddles in the packrafting world

Care and maintenance

Do not store assembled when wet – the nylon ferrules can absorb moisture and swell inside the carbon fibre shaft and the segments will jam.

Weight: 1125g

Length: 200cm

Segment: 59cm

Blade size: 46*19,5cm

Parts: 4

Angle: 0°, 60° (left and right)

Material: Composite blades, large diameter fibre glass shaft 

Construction: Snap buttons, 3-hole snap button ferrule